What Are the Places to Visit in Atakum?

What Are the Places to Visit in Atakum?

Located on the Samsun-Sinop highway, Atakum is one of the districts of the city located on the seaside. Atakum, thus transformed into a special location where blue and green embrace, is also a tourism center where the summer months are vibrant. Blue flag beaches have a lot to do with the strength of this aspect of the district. In addition to all of these, there are many special addresses waiting to be discovered around the district. So, what are the places to visit in Atakum? Let's check it out together!


One of Turkey's Rare Stops: Çakırlar Grove

Çakırlar Grove is one of the first places you may want to visit in Atakum! The grove, which is a frequent destination for picnic lovers and camping enthusiasts, is also a location where those who wish to be in touch with nature can find tranquility. Çakırlar Grove is equipped with a walkway that is made out of wood, allowing you to take pleasant nature walks. This green area, which has playgrounds for both adults and children, promises fun-filled moments.

Spreading over a total area of 100 square meters, Çakırlar Grove is an area closed to traffic and away from noise. In this way, bird chirping and the harmonious music of nature rise in the grove. Çakırlar Grove, which is an interesting stop for those who want to decorate their frame with the colors of nature, is approximately 20 km away from the center of Samsun.


Bird's Eye View of Atakum: Amisos Hill

Amisos Hill is a stop covered with greenery and bearing the general texture of Atakum, contains the tomb and treasure of a family that lived in the region centuries ago. Amisos Hill, which is under state protection today, was discovered by a precious stone hunter during their search for treasure.

Amisos Hill, dazzling with its endless view, also has restaurants and cafes where you can have pleasant moments. You can go to the hill with your personal vehicle, or by public transportation or cable cars.

Sea Front: Atakum Coastal Road

Atakum Coastal Road, one of the liveliest points of the district, is also one of the most famous addresses of entertainment and nightlife in Samsun. The coastal road is among the areas frequented by both local and foreign tourists.

There are walking and cycling areas, activity areas for various sports activities, especially basketball and football fields and blue-certified beaches on the Atakum Coastal Road, which extends for kilometers, taking in the cold waters of the Black Sea.


Reach out to the Deep Blue Waters: Çobanlı Public Pier

Çobanlı Public Pier is a structure that accompanies the deep blue and cold waters along the Atakum coast. Çobanlı Public Pier, which is 10 meters wide and 400 meters long, attracts great attention from the residents of the city as both a recreation and an activity area. The pier, which is open 24/7, is also a suitable spot to embrace the peaceful ambiance of the sea! You can head to the pier to have breakfast with your loved ones overlooking the sea view or to spend pleasant moments at the cafe on the pier.


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