Wellness Hotels

Wellness Hotels

Experience Serenity

The way to maintain the principle of a healthy lifestyle on holiday is not to ignore your needs for physical and mental fitness. Wellness hotels offer detox options that allow you to move away from the chaos of modern life. According to the content of the program, ancient therapies that detox both the body and the mind, as well as services such as health screening can be provided. Particularly designed for a digital detox, wellness hotels, provide their guests to stay solitary with nature. These hotels, where there is no internet access or are limited, aim to increase personal welfare with applications such as energy and mind therapy. It gives tranquility with its serenity and silence; also, while it mentally appeases its guests, in addition, it offers them the opportunity to eat healthy with its special menus.


Reunite with Nature

Wellness hotels provide their guests to spend more time in nature with wellness programs prepared by experienced specialist therapists. The forest, which protects and reinforces the holistic well-being, with the options such as sound baths, yoga, and meditation can all be experienced in nature. In addition to SPA and massage therapies, these hotels also offer different treatments that will stimulate all of your senses. While fitness comes to the forefront thanks to wellness practices supported by holistic rituals, beauty is aimed at special SPA treatments. Visible and permanent solutions are offered with different skincare treatments. Non-surgical procedures such as tissue expansion, oxygen therapy, and dermabrasion can be performed after a personalized therapy interview.


Redesign Your Life with Wellness Vacations

Would you like to focus only on yourself by getting rid of the negative effects of stress? If you want to meet yourself by redesigning your mind and body connection, hotels with well-being concepts that offer a completely different holiday concept may interest you. These hotels are designed to increase your physical and mental potential. Your vacation turns into an action that adds value to your health, thanks to programs supported by healthy eating options. Wellness hotels offer non-invasive anti-aging programs as well as weight control. It is aimed to achieve a more permanent, youthful, and fit appearance that is achieved naturally with Medi SPA treatments. Special protocols prepared by experts provide support to increase the quality of life. These supportive therapies can make it easier to adapt to healthy living habits and turn them into a lifestyle.


Start Your Wellness Journey in the Heart of Nature with Elite World Sapanca

Are you ready to change your life in the natural atmosphere of Sapanca? Elite World Sapanca inspires with its programs that are prepared based on the relationship between nature and essence. You can start your transformation on vacation with special programs created down to the smallest detail. Fit Life SPA & Health Center, aiming to transform personal care into a lifestyle, invites its guests to a unique experience with its wellness practices. If you wish, you can attain a detoxing comfort with Fit Life Detox SPA and bring your body together with a holistic therapy with Thai Bolus massage. You can renew your body and soul with the fresh air coming from the mountains by participating in Elite World Sapanca’s Reunion with the Forest program, which will be your home in nature with its special location. You can visit the official website of Elite World Sapanca for a holiday where you can get away from the chaos of the city and get closer to yourself.