Wedding Venues in Istanbul Turkey

Wedding Venues in Istanbul Turkey

Number of guests

The number of guests must be determined before choosing the wedding venue. A high number of guests may require a small wedding or a small event. Both parties should be asked to prepare an invitation list before choosing a wedding venue.


Weather forecast

Another issue that needs attention is the weather at the time of the wedding. On the winter day, you don't want the guests to feel cold by having an outdoor wedding; Or you don't want to organize your wedding organization in a place that is insufficient for ventilation and air conditioning in a summer day. Therefore, the weather at the date of the wedding must be checked.


Geographical location

The geographical location is of great importance for the wedding organization. Both sides should choose a venue at the same time with mutual communication and at the request of the bride and groom. Although many are afraid of bringing up new and different options, a varied selection will add color to the wedding. A couple living in Ankara can make a hotel wedding in Istanbul or get married with family participation abroad. Here, families' and the couple's wishes are significant.



Transportation is essential if there is no wedding in the family and the guests are to be invited. The hotel weddings will ensure that will provide easy access to the hotel regarding its central location.


Wedding Price

It is not always possible to say that the price of the hotel wedding is higher or cheaper than the wedding price; So it would not be right to make such a generalization. However, as a result of proper research, there may be places according to the desired concept. By allocating a budget for weddings, analyses and eliminations can be done in this direction.


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