Wedding Hotels

Wedding Hotels


The width and beauty of your wedding hall may not be enough for the wedding to be beautiful. Therefore, be sure that the staff in your wedding hotel should be experienced in this regard. The attitude of the team represents a kind of behavior of you.


Car parking

Parking is vital for guests when you think that not every guest will come with public transport or services. Wedding hotels are successful in this respect in Istanbul, but some hotels may have parking problems. So be sure to have parking in your wedding hotel; if not, you can request a deal with nearby parking lots.


Guest Rooms

Here is an essential item that will separate your hotel from other hotels. Guest rooms are significant when you think that not all wedding guests will come from within the city. Guests may want to go to the city before the wedding and may want to stay after the wedding. So talk to your hotel and find out about the special discounts offered by the guest rooms for your hotel.


SPA & Wellness

Wedding organization is an exhausting process. The fatigue of this process will be gotten rid of on the honeymoon; But when we think about the wedding day, both the bride and the groom need to relax. Therefore, consider whether you may wish to enjoy a sauna, pool or SPA before the honeymoon and ask the hotel if they provide you with such facilities.



It is crucial to prepare the list of guests in advance and act accordingly. After preparing the guest list, look carefully at the halls of your hotel. Try to move over the existing status instead of the estimated accounts. Whether the number of people in the guest list will fit in the hall or less, analyze carefully.



Here is another issue that will represent you like the staff. Catering is an essential item for wedding organizations — those who want to eat at the wedding. So test the hotel's food. Many hotels open the menus for tasting.


Photos and videos

Generally, the hotel has its video and photo staff. Be sure to ask about this hotel. If not, create your alternative.


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