Van Hotels with Indoor Pools

Van Hotels with Indoor Pools

Advantages of Hotels with Indoor Pools

We can list here some of the advantages offered by hotels with indoor pools:

  • A hotel with an indoor pool allows its guests to swim year-round, regardless of factors such as the weather. Therefore, you can visit these facilities in four seasons.
  • Indoor pools provide more privacy than outdoor pools as they are usually located inside the hotel building. You can spend time comfortably with your family or loved ones in these pools.
  • Indoor pools provide protection from the sun's harmful UV rays, making them a safer option for guests who are concerned about this condition.
  • Swimming in an indoor pool promises a relaxing and calming experience, especially during winter.
  • Hotels with indoor pools create a fun environment for everyone from all age groups, especially families with children. You can have fun with your children and family by swimming in the pool or playing games.
  • Indoor pools generally serve as part of the fitness facilities of hotels. Therefore, it can offer guests a private area to swim or do water aerobics.

You may have decided to go to a hotel with an indoor pool in Van and to benefit from these advantages, but you may be searching for what to do at other times of the day. Here are some of the activities you can do in Van!


What to do in Van During Winter?

  • You can visit Aghtamar Island, which houses the 10th-century Armenian Cathedral of the Holy Cross. You can reach the island by boat and witness the unique beauty of the snow-covered landscape in winter.
  • Van's Gevaş district has several ski resorts, including Abalı and Gevaş Yıldız Ski Center. By visiting these ski areas, you can spend time skiing, snowboarding and other winter activities.
  • You can go to the Van Castle, whose history dates back to the Urartian period. You can learn about the history and culture of the region in the museum inside the castle, which offers a great perspective to see the city from another perspective.
  • You can try the delicious dishes of Van's local cuisine. You can start the day with a nice Van breakfast in the city, which is especially famous for its breakfast.
  • If you visit Van during festival periods, we recommend you attend these festivals. You can participate in activities such as the International Van Lake Culture and Tourism Festival held during winter and the Nowruz Festival, which symbolizes the arrival of spring in March.
  • Van and the surrounding region are home to healing hot springs. You can both relax and have fun by going to these hot springs.


Enjoy a Four-Season Holiday with Elite World Van

Elite World Van, a part of the Elite World Hotels & Resorts chain, welcomes its guests in the most beautiful location in the city. It promises perfect service to its guests with its quality service approach and experienced staff. The indoor pool at the facility offers the opportunity to swim in all seasons, including the winter months, for those who want to visit the region. Thus, even on the coldest winter days, you can spend pleasant times with your family and loved ones in the indoor pool. You can also benefit from the many advantages of the facility, from SPA to facial massage, from the gym to a steam bath, and stay in tastefully furnished rooms. You can contact Elite World Van for detailed information.