Van Breakfast Places

Van Breakfast Places

What is a Van Breakfast where Its Unique Tastes Meet at the Same Table?

This is the legendary breakfast that has an original type of breakfast with unique flavors from the province of Van. Van Breakfast is a local flavor that is served as a mixed breakfast and contains 40 different products. The products included in the breakfast are specially prepared and presented in copper containers, giving breakfast lovers a visual feast. One of the most important features of the delicious breakfast type is that the products are completely natural. Traditional breakfast, whose reputation exceeds the borders of the country with its delicious, local, natural, and rich content, was entitled to enter the Guinness Book of Records. It also has the Geographical Indication Registration Certificate. The history of Van having such a rich breakfast culture goes back to being on the Silk Road, which was once a trade route.


What’s in the Van Breakfast?

Because it is a famous breakfast for its originality and rich variety; It is highly appreciated for its local, delicious breakfast dishes. So, what are the ingredients in this breakfast?

Van Breakfast includes authentic Van honey, butter, yoghurt and milk cream, herbed cheese, knitted cheese, feta cheese, tzatziki, fried eggs with sausage, olives, menemen, murtuğa, kavut, and gencirun. Breakfast: The indispensable samovar tea is served with lavash bread and Van pastries. In addition to tea, goat and sheep milk fed with local grasses are also offered. During summer and winter, some additions are made to the menu. Yoghurt, tzatziki, and piyaz during summer; In winter, molasses and tahini are added to the menu. Apart from this, the Van breakfast menu is always offered in its original form without making any changes.

Local Van Breakfast with its unique taste is served in the side streets of Van, in places that are open during daylight. This delicious breakfast can be found at breakfast places not only in Van but almost everywhere in Turkey. There are many people who adore breakfast, which is a feast of taste. So, do you really need to go to Van for this flavor? Here is an address where you can have an unforgettable Van Breakfast!


The Peaceful Address of Van Breakfast in Nature: Elite World Sapanca the Grill Ocakbaşı

You can easily experience Van Breakfast without having to go to Van. If you want to experience Van Breakfast in Sapanca, in a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, intertwined with nature, The Grill Ocakbaşı which is located within Elite World Sapanca Hotel, is an ideal place for it… You can come to the place where talented, expert, and award-winning chefs are located, on your special days, or when you want to spend the weekend away from the noise of the city and taste this unique Van Breakfast. With its clean air, pond view, and peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, you can enjoy local and natural flavors with the famous Van Breakfast served every morning between 09.00 and 13.00 at The Grill Ocakbaşı. You can reserve your place at the Elite World Sapanca The Grill Ocakbaşı, which stands out among the breakfast places in Van with its service quality and unique tastes, and enjoy a very special taste experience.