Turkey's calm Holiday Routes

Turkey's calm Holiday Routes

Calm holiday destinations 2020: Sapanca

If you do not want to get away from Istanbul for a holiday, but still looking for holiday destinations in touch with nature, Sapanca is for you. Being preferred due to its proximity to Istanbul, Sapanca draws attention with its lush nature, enchanting lake, comfortable hotels, and the variety of activities it offers to its guests. If you want to have an isolated holiday, you can choose Sapanca.

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Calm holiday destinations 2020: Gökçeada

Gökçeada is another route that comes to mind when it comes to peaceful and peaceful holiday destinations. Unlike Bozcaada, you can enjoy the silence in a magnificent nature in Gökçeada, which attracts attention with its calmness. You can also be interested in enjoyable water sports such as windsurfing in Gökçeada, which is known for its wind.

Calm holiday destinations 2020: Cunda Island

Cunda, an island in Ayvalık, is the other stop on our list of quiet holiday suggestions. You can have a secluded and peaceful holiday on the island where history and nature are intertwined. You can see the historical beauties of Cunda and explore the stone streets decorated with magnificent houses.

Calm holiday destinations 2020: Marmaris

We are here with an option in Muğla, the indispensable route of the summer holidays. If you are wondering if there are quiet holiday places in Muğla, you can choose Marmaris. Marmaris appeals to those who enjoy fun and crowded holidays as well as those looking for a quiet and calm holiday. Because many locations appeal to every style. You can try İçmeler for a quiet, calm, and peaceful holiday in touch with nature.

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Calm holiday destinations 2020: Faralya Bay (Fethiye)

Our other recommendation for those looking for quiet holiday destinations in Muğla is Faralya Bay in Fethiye. At the same time, you can have a quiet and peaceful holiday in Faralya Bay, which is one of the holiday destinations intertwined with nature. For this, you can examine the isolated accommodation options in the region and have an unforgettable holiday experience in the pleasant Faralya houses.

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