Traditional Turkish Bath Rituals

Traditional Turkish Bath Rituals

Purify Your Soul and Body

Although the primary purpose of the baths seems to be to provide body cleansing with hot water and steam, it would not be wrong to say that we also experience a spiritual purification based on the benefits it offers. We see that the healing effect of hot water is used almost everywhere in the world. However, some features and rituals distinguish traditional Turkish baths from others. Structurally, Turkish baths consist of three main parts. These are the dressing section, the washing areas, and the furnace section. Even in modern baths, there is still a furnace at the bottom of the navel stone.

Traditional bathing rituals are still practiced in Turkish baths. And much more consciously by the professionals of the business. First of all, the body is relaxed with foam massage. Then, a scrub is made to get rid of the dead skin. These two practices enable our baths to stand out from their peers as indispensable rituals. When we consider that all these are in an environment where the temperature reaches 40 degrees and the humidity reaches 80%, it is easy to feel the breathing of all the pores of our body. There's also the hormonal aspect of it, of course. They are also affected by the bath environment, and the release of serotonin and endorphins in the body increases. The feeling of relaxation and lightening that emerges in this way keeps you vigorous and healthy for a long time.


That Tradition Is Back in Our Lives: Bridal Bath

When it comes to traditional bath rituals, of course, the first thing that comes to mind is the bridal bath. In this ritual, which has made a rapid re-entry into our lives in recent years, while it was a tradition that was about to be forgotten, the mother-in-law examined the bride in the bath and checked whether she was healthy. But, on the other hand, he was showing off the beauty of his bride to his friends. On the other hand, the bride wanted to show her beauty to the male side and have a good time with her friends and have fun. On the other hand, of course, chose the bride candidates suitable for them in the bath. In addition to this, there was a fusion with meals, sherbets, and discarded navels, and a "warm" start was made to the marriage.

Nowadays, bridal baths; It is experienced as an alternative bachelorette party where delicious meals are eaten on the navel stone, massages are made, the belly is thrown, and the bride relieves her pre-wedding stress. But, do men sit idle while brides are having such fun? The groom's bath, as well as the bridal bath, is a popular pre-marital entertainment concept.


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