Top Child-Friendly Hotels

Top Child-Friendly Hotels

What Do Child-Friendly Hotels Promise?

Since many hotels are planned as city hotels, they appeal to adults. These hotels, which you can choose for many events, from business meetings to romantic dinners, may not meet your needs when traveling with your child. For example, it will not be a very comfortable experience for a family with two children to stay in a double bedroom. For this reason, hotels that are considered child-friendly offer solutions for the comfort of families with children. For a hotel to be regarded as a child-friendly hotel, it must first differ in accommodation options. These hotels should be able to provide their guests with the opportunity of child/baby cots as well as family room service. Similarly, having wardrobes suitable for children in hotel rooms stands out as an essential detail.


Special Menus for Kids

The dining arrangement is as important as the rooms that will give you a feeling of home with its comfort, during holidays with children. For this reason, child-friendly hotels include special sections for children in their restaurants. In addition to the menu content specially prepared for children, these special sections can attract children's attention with their colorful decorations. Many kid-friendly hotels use specially sized serving areas for little ones who want to buy their food just like adults. For guests with babies, there must be enough high chairs in restaurants. Food, fruit puree, and pudding-style food served in closed jars should be found in the kitchens of these hotels. In addition, it is imperative to have a bottle and pacifier sterilization device and provide a food warmer when requested.


Hygiene Is Undisputed The Most Important Issue

Apart from taking care of the existence of children as individuals, child-friendly hotels stand out with their high hygiene standards. The importance of hygiene is indisputable, especially for young children and allergic bodies who can touch every surface. Therefore, details such as the preparation of the food served in these hotels under hygienic conditions, the personal hygiene of the personnel, and the cleaning rules followed in the rooms are of great importance. In addition to these, it is also essential that there are toilets and care rooms for children, depending on the density of the general usage area of the hotel.


Safe Fun Must Have

Hotels with limited areas for children only with swimming pools cannot, of course, be considered a child-friendly hotels. Although pools, the star of summer holidays, are indispensable for children, they may not be enough for holiday fun. For this reason, child-friendly family hotels have children's clubs that allow children to evaluate the day with different activities. These clubs help children have a pleasant time with expert staff, activities, and games suitable for all ages, where families can safely entrust their children. Similarly, child-friendly hotels may also provide babysitting services for families with young children and infants.


Families who want to have a completely different holiday experience with their children prefer Elite World Sapanca.

Elite World Sapanca, which is among the best child-friendly hotels, carefully welcomes families with children in its peaceful atmosphere. Having signed unique cooperation with Gymboree, Elite World Sapanca Hotel offers its guests much more than a children's club. It aims to increase children's awareness with the activities carried out using the large areas of the hotel and its exceptional location close to the forest. In addition, children who spend their holidays in the natural environment of Sapanca can return home by acquiring new hobbies with Elite World Sapanca Kids Club activities. While you are renewed with Fit SPA & Wellness programs during your stay in Elite World Sapanca, your children can enjoy the games specially prepared for each age group that will develop quality skills.