Things to Consider While Doing Crossfit

Things to Consider While Doing Crossfit

What is Crossfit?

Fitness refers to the exercises performed using equipment in gyms; It is highly effective on body composition, muscle strength, cardiovascular system, and muscular endurance. On the other hand, Crossfit requires high-intensity and more functional fitness exercises. This method, which blends different sports techniques, engages more than one muscle group. Thus, short-term and very intense work takes place during the training. Crossfit; focuses on improving many functions simultaneously, such as movement capacity, strength, balance, endurance, and agility. Naturally, while doing this, it forces the person's power to exceed his limits. A basic CrossFit program includes gymnastics, conditioning, and Olympic weightlifting. Thanks to these intense workouts, more energy is released in a shorter time.


What are the Points to Consider While Doing Crossfit?

1. Set Realistic Goals

You don't have to be fit or athletic to start doing Crossfit because the intensity and duration of CrossFit workouts are tailored to the individual. But remember that CrossFit requires discipline and willpower on its principles. After promising stability, you can start sports with a CrossFit program suitable for your condition, but at this point, it is imperative to know your body and set realistic goals. Although CrossFit will push your limits, in the beginning, you need to build your body step by step. For this reason, you should try to set consistent and realistic goals at the beginning.


2. Remember You Are Competing Only With Yourself

Everyone progresses differently when doing CrossFit due to their exercise history and differences in musculoskeletal structure. Competing with someone else can cause injuries because you don't have the same strength and system. Focus on your achievements instead of how much weight others are lifting. It may also take time to get used to the style of this sport and the language of Crossfit. So be kind to yourself and keep exercising, keeping in mind that you are stronger than you think.


3. Learn the Crossfit Language

Crossfit has a different language as well as different dynamics. Whether you are working with a coach or on your own, knowing some English terms is essential when dealing with this sport. E.g., Crossfit gyms are called "boxes." You may also want to learn these terms that you will come across frequently in Crossfit videos and apps:

WOD (Work Of The Day): Workout Of The Day

PR (Personal Record): Personal record/achievement

1RM (One Repeat Maximum): Maximum one repeat


4. Decide on Your Method

Three systems are commonly used while doing CrossFit, and personal CrossFit studies are built on one of these three systems. In the For Time system, you have to race against time. You compete with yourself or against other athletes while trying to finish the workout as soon as possible. The second system, known as AMRAP (As Many Reps or Rounds As Possible), is based on doing the maximum number of repetitions in a given time interval. E.g., In a 15-minute CrossFit program, you should do as many reps as possible. The fastest wins in the EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) system. So if you complete a one-minute CrossFit workout in 50 seconds, you can rest for the remaining 10 seconds.


5. Try Working With an Expert Initially

Whichever system you choose, as we mentioned before, each CrossFit program is determined specifically for the individual's fitness and health condition. For this reason, it is beneficial for your program to be prepared by experts. In addition, because CrossFit programs with 40-50 minutes require intense and fast work, doing these movements, which require high motivation and body control, under the trainer's supervision at the beginning, can help you become conscious. Then, as you get to know your body and learn to use your capacity and strength, you can start exercising independently.