The Most Pleasant Time for a Summer Vacation at the Aegean

The Most Pleasant Time for a Summer Vacation at the Aegean

The Aegean Region has quite affluent options for a summer vacation. There are many places where you can take a summer vacation from the south to the north, from the west to the east of the region. During the summer months, thousands of tourists from both Turkey and all over the world flock to the Aegean shores. It offers a pleasant holiday experience with its deep blue sea, natural and historical beauties, and fun atmosphere. Let's have a look at the most enjoyable time periods to have a summer vacation in the Aegean, which is quite hot during the summer!


Advantages of Having a Vacation at the Aegean During September

If you are planning on going on a vacation in the Aegean Region, September is undoubtedly one of the best times for it. Taking a vacation in the Aegean during September has many advantages compared to the summer months. We can list them as follows:

With the arrival of September, the holiday regions in the Aegean begin to calm down. In this way, you can swim more comfortably in the sea, which is not very crowded, and you can walk peacefully on the beach. You can also find a place easily among the facilities.

Prices in the Aegean Region may be more affordable in September compared to June, July, and August. In some hotels, the prices are almost half of the price. In September, the prices of items such as flight tickets, accommodation and restaurants are also quite affordable.

The Aegean Region, which is quite hot in the summer months, starts to cool slightly as September gets closer. Furthermore, you can visit the places more comfortably and enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

During the summer, you can find a place that you desire since there will be fewer people. You can get your hands on the most beautiful table in a restaurant or the sun lounger by the beach that is closest to the sea.

Since the road will be calmer in September, you can travel more comfortably and safely when you go on a vacation.

In addition to all these, nature prepares for the autumn season in September. Aegean resorts also offer a magical atmosphere with their unique landscapes and riots of colors.


Marmaris is Wonderful During September!

Located within the borders of Muğla province in the Aegean Region, Marmaris hosts millions of tourists every year with its special location. Marmaris, one of the popular holiday resorts, is wonderful in September. In addition, the fact that the sea maintains its warmth despite the decrease in the temperature makes Marmaris an attractive holiday destination in September. The region promises vacationers a wonderful experience with its enchanting bays, unique landscapes, and historical structure. You can enjoy the sea and the beach all day long in Marmaris. You can visit the beautiful bays and swim in the seas where blue unites with green. In Marmaris, which is beautiful any hour of the day, you can have fun at the entertainment venues in the evenings and have a nice meal at the restaurants that are located by the sea.

If you are planning on visiting Marmaris, there are many places that you must see. You can visit Cennet Island by taking a boat from Marmaris. Let's not forget that this place is something else in September. You should also consider visiting İçmeler Bay. İçmeler is one of the places that you should visit for its natural beauty and clear sea. If you like to visit historical places, you can go to Marmaris Castle. While you're there, don't forget to visit the Hafsa Sultan Caravan Palace, which is close to the castle.

One of the activities you should do when you are visiting Marmaris is a boat tour. Thanks to these tours, you can swim in the magnificent bays of the region. Chimney Cave, one of the world's favorite diving spots, awaits you with all its beauty. If you desire, you can take diving lessons here and take a step on an enjoyable adventure.

There are many more places to visit and activities to do in Marmaris, which is another beautiful place in September. So, which are the best hotels to stay in Marmaris?


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