The Importance of Cleaning in Hotels After Coronavirus

The Importance of Cleaning in Hotels After Coronavirus

What should be done in hotels after coronavirus?

The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism update the regulations, issue new certificates, and prepare some guidelines within the framework of the epidemic. In this direction, it is of great importance to complying with these rules after coronavirus and in the ongoing process. Here are some rules and recommendations that show the importance of cleaning in post-coronavirus hotels:

The person who will clean the room should use gloves. When going to the next room cleaning, he/she should use new gloves.

Textile products should be washed in the washing machine with 60-90 degrees detergent.

Hotel staff should be given detailed information about the virus and ways of protection.

The windows of rooms and other closed areas should be open during cleaning.

Rooms and other closed areas should be ventilated for at least 1 hour after cleaning.

Surfaces that are frequently touched by hands such as door handles, batteries, and handrails should be cleaned with high care. After water and detergent, an appropriate amount of bleach and chlorine tablets should be used.

Care should be taken to ensure that the chlorine levels of the pools are at the level specified in the legislation.

General cleaning should be done with water and detergent.

Areas such as children's clubs, gyms, massage parlors, and saunas should not be used as much as possible.

Hand disinfectant should be placed in the entrance section of each food and beverage unit.

People who come into contact with guests' belongings and carry suitcases should do hand cleaning with alcohol-based hand sanitizer after these procedures.

Items such as glasses and plates should be washed with water and detergent after each use. And then it should be kept in a hygienic environment.

Textile products such as towels, sheets, and bedding should be folded and bundled without shaking or whisking.

In hotels, items, and sections that are difficult to clean such as ball pools, stuffed animals, game clubs and playgrounds should not be kept.

If the diagnosis of Covid-19 is confirmed by the patient staying in a room, the room should be ventilated and kept empty for 24 hours.

Then the room should be cleaned with water and detergent; It must then be disinfected with diluted bleach.

Note: It must be ensured that the hotel to be accommodated as a guest complies with the legislation. The measures to be taken for society and personal health are of great importance.


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