Taksim Hotels with Safe Tourism Certificate

Taksim Hotels with Safe Tourism Certificate

Some measures have also been taken in the tourism sector due to the Covid-19 outbreak that has recently changed the order of the whole world. For those who wish to spend their holiday in Turkey to live a healthy stay, cleaning hygiene, and distance rules are taken under control by specialist staff. Public officials supervise the measures taken. Safe tourism certificates are issued to hotels that are determined to take all precautions.

What is a Safe Tourism Certified Hotel?

Hotels apply to obtain a safe tourism certificate by fulfilling the necessary conditions within the scope of the "Safe Tourism Program". Ministry of Culture and Tourism officials check whether the hotel complies with hygiene and social distance rules. The hotels, which are determined to take the necessary measures after the inspection, are given a safe tourism certificate. For this reason, if your road falls to Istanbul and you want to stay in Taksim; Staying in one of the safe tourism certified hotels in Taksim will be a much safer and healthier choice.

The hotels that have the document hang their documents in an area where everyone can see them. Thus, the whole process progresses more reliably and transparently. Thanks to the QR code on this document, you can check the accuracy of the document.

How Hotels Get the Safe Tourism Certificate?

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism carries out the entire process regarding safe tourism certification. Hotels that meet the requirements of the program apply to companies authorized for certification for inspection. If all conditions are met as a result of the inspection, a certificate is prepared for the hotel in a short time. If there is an inconvenient situation, an additional three-day period is given to fix the problem. If the problem is not resolved, the document is not issued or the current document is canceled. After the certificate is issued, the hotels are frequently checked by inspectors. In addition to monthly announced inspections, secret inspections are also carried out.

Where to Stay in Taksim?

If you want to spend your holiday by staying in a reliable hotel during pandemic days, you can choose safe tourism certified hotels in Taksim with peace of mind. Hotels with a capacity of more than 50 rooms must have this certificate. To make sure the hotels are safe, you can check the validity of the document by scanning the QR code on their certificate.

The Right Address for Both Comfortable and Safe Accommodation in Taksim

Elite World Hotels takes all the necessary hygiene measures in all of its hotels and promises an extremely healthy and safe accommodation experience for its guests. Elite World Istanbul Hotel and Elite World Prestige Hotel, which are located in the heart of Istanbul, are among the hotels with safe tourism certificates where all precautions are taken.

Elite World Istanbul Hotel offers you a privileged accommodation experience in Taksim, the heart of Istanbul. Promising a wonderful experience to its guests with its comfortable rooms, Elite World Istanbul Hotel enables you to relieve the tiredness of the day with its SPA and health center. At Elite World Istanbul Hotel, you can enjoy this wonderful experience by choosing the most suitable room for you.

Another Taksim hotel in the privileged world of Elite World Hotels is Elite World Prestige Hotel. Standing out with its original and magnificent architecture, Elite World Prestige Hotel stands out among safe tourism certified hotels. Elite World Prestige Hotel, where all the necessary hygiene conditions are provided, offers its guests a comfortable and safe experience.

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