Taksim Hotels

Taksim Hotels

What is the advantage of having a hotel in Taksim?

While talking about Istanbul Taksim hotels, it is not to mention these advantages. As a hotel, staying in Taksim means you are right in the middle of all Istanbul transportation lines. Metro, tram, all bus networks, ferry and more are close by. In this way, it is easy to transfer the places to be reached, places to visit can be easily visited. Besides, historical buildings and shopping points are very close since it is located in an essential part of Istanbul's old settlement layout.


Meeting & Event & Organization

With Elite World Istanbul and Elite World Prestige, you can stay at the heart of the city. You can perform your business meetings and all your social organizations in an easily accessible way.


Restaurant & Bar

Staying at a hotel in Taksim allows you to experience a great variety of experiences, and there are a lot of experiences in hotels. For example, you can try the unique and lightest flavors of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine in The Brasserie in Elite World; or a Friday evening with music at Jazz Company. Of course, the possibilities are not limited to these. In addition to open buffet breakfasts, the bars where you can get rid of the tiredness of the day, light meal options, there are vitamin bars where you can have delicious fresh juice and energy drinks.



If you are coming to Istanbul to marry and you are looking for a wedding hotel in Taksim hotels, you are staying in the right place. Elite World is waiting for you to turn your best day into an unforgettable memory with its friendly and experienced team.


Fit Life & SPA

Many of us complain about leaving our relaxation sessions, sports, and therapies in business during our holidays. When it comes to Istanbul Taksim hotels, it is a dream to break your favorite things with the Fit Life Spa & Health Center within Elite World Istanbul and Elite World Prestige. Fitness center equipped with the latest technology sports equipment, steam room, shock showers, indoor swimming pool, Turkish bath, personalized massage rooms are waiting for you.

Elite World Istanbul and Elite World Prestige are two of the first hotels that come to mind when people are called "Taksim Hotels 5 Star" and "Taksim Hotel." Click here to find out more about Elite World Istanbul and Elite World Prestige and all of the above advantages: Elite World Istanbul and Elite World Prestige