Taksim Coffee Places

Taksim Coffee Places

Ara Cafe

The cafe, which belongs to our world-famous photographer Ara Güler, is located in a quiet part of Istiklal Street. Inside the restaurant, you can experience the photographs taken by Ara Güler, the antique decor items, and the fragrant coffee scent that permeates the cafe. The cafe, which also has an open part, offers coffee and desserts and food for every meal.


Turkish German Bookstore Cafe

Book cafes are a unique option for those who want to sip their coffee and read a book in a quiet environment. On the left, as you descend into the tunnel at the end of Istiklal Street, the Turkish-German Bookstore Cafe offers a coffee experience within the books, thanks to its stylish design. You can have a pleasant time, especially by choosing coffee with milk accompanying German cake. Note also that you can buy German books when leaving the cafe.


Mustafa Amca (Hazzapulo Passage)

There is a cute cafe in the historical Hazzapulo Passage, just ahead of Galatasaray High School and across the YKY Culture building. The restaurant offers you a warm environment, where you can sip your tea and coffee with people you don't know on the chair. Taking you away from the crowd of Taksim, Uncle Mustafa allows you to bring the chat environment and warmth of your home to Taksim.


Limonlu Bahçe

On the right side of the slope descending from Galatasaray High School to Cihangir, Limonlu Bahçe takes you away from the crowded environment of Taksim. The cafe, where you can enjoy your coffee in the garden among the lemon trees, promises you silence and delicious tastes. So whether you want to drink your coffee while reading a book on the swing or sip your coffee at your table under the rustle of the trees, this place offers its customers a charming atmosphere, especially in spring.


Leb-i Derya

As the name suggests, it offers you the unique blue of the Bosphorus. Leb-i Derya, which lays the whole city under your feet, can be a great choice to sip your coffee while watching the sea in the gentle wind and under dim lights. It may be helpful to have a cardigan with you in order not to catch a cold in the autumn months.


Common Coffee

It is possible to find different types of coffee in Awam Kahvesi, which is famous for its sodas. The walls of Awam Kahvesi, which offers you a friendly atmosphere with its small but cute structure, are decorated with old movie posters. You can sip your coffee with your loved ones in this cute cafe and reminisce about the old days.



An indispensable place for Turkish Coffee lovers, Mandabatmaz is located on Olivia Geçidi Street on Istiklal Street. Named Mandabatmaz because of its unique foam so thick that even water buffaloes cannot sink, the cafe is known for bringing a different interpretation to Turkish coffee. Freshly ground Turkish Coffee is cooked with hot water and high heat instead of cold water. Turkish coffee takes on a different flavor in the cafe, where a brass coffee pot is used instead of a copper one.


Ravouna 1906

The cafe, which serves on the ground floor of the building, built in Art Nouveau style in 1906, offers you history, aesthetics, and the wonderful smell of coffee. The cafe, where you can find all kinds of coffee, draws attention with its calm structure and stylish design.


Brew Lab

As the name suggests, Brew Lab stands out with its brewing coffee concept; It appeals to drinkers with its coffees prepared with Cold Drip, V60, and Aeropress methods. The cold drip method, which is brewed with cold water instead of hot water, is softer and has lower acidity—an ideal place to try different flavors and coffees.


Coffee Company

Providing you with a unique accommodation experience, Elite World Hotels also provides a cafe where you can sip your coffee. Decorated like classic Italian cafes, Coffee Company offers you fresh coffee, delicious desserts, and fresh drinks from their chefs during the day. You can also stop by the Coffee Company in Elite World Istanbul to relax with light music and chat with your loved ones after dinner at the hotel.