Summer Wedding Concept Suggestions

Summer Wedding Concept Suggestions

Country Wedding Concept

Country weddings are romantic ways to say "Yes" among the warm wind, green grass, and colorful flowers. Country weddings, blended with the longing and love for nature, are also among the most easily planned weddings. It is not difficult to find alternative venues for a country wedding in the summer. The garden of many invitation places can be arranged according to the concept of a country wedding. You can make your dreams come true with pastel-colored decorations, white chairs, and the proper lighting. You can increase the dose of romance at your wedding by using lacy covers on candle-lit tables. It is possible to shape the decoration by using the characteristic features of your chosen place. Flying tulle and elegant lace are indispensable for wedding dresses preferred in the concept of rustic weddings.


Beach Concept Summer Weddings

You can also plan a more intimate wedding with the sound of the waves at sunset. Beach-themed weddings, which are arranged away from ostentatiousness, are preferred by couples with a relaxed and freestyle, in this concept, where the blue of the sky and the sea style the natural background, intimate details come to the fore. In the beach wedding concept, natural flowers capture an elegant atmosphere. Bouquets adorning the area where the wedding will be held decorate the seating areas of the guests and ensure integrity. If you can imagine yourself in a wedding dress floating in the wind, you can choose the beach concept.


Garden Concept Weddings

Intimate but entertaining weddings, attended by fewer guests, have recently become couples' favorite. Couples who want to celebrate with their loved ones while taking the most crucial step of their lives choose the garden concept. Live music is a must for garden-themed summer weddings. A band or soloist who will enliven this happy night with a live performance on a small stage can make your wedding unforgettable. Another detail that makes garden-themed weddings the most attractive is lighting. You can also use large decorative lanterns to illuminate the space by hanging lamps more striking. With a garden concept, wedding dresses with thin straps and lace, which do not prevent you from dancing, are often preferred for summer weddings.


Poolside Weddings

When it comes to summer weddings, the first thing that comes to mind is poolside weddings. You can plan your wedding as a dinner or cocktail invitation in the poolside concept. If your poolside idea is inviting, you can illuminate the tables with crystal candlesticks and decorate them with live flowers. For cocktail parties, candles decorated with flowers for a more romantic atmosphere may be a better choice. When planning a wedding with a pool concept, you should pay attention to the decoration of the pool at least as much as your wedding dress. The pool surface can be decorated by choosing live flowers, balloons, and floating candles. In pool-themed weddings, you can turn to sparkly and slightly decollete bridal gowns.

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