Studio Room Hotel

Studio Room Hotel

If you are going to stay in a hotel as part of a business trip, you can evaluate the hotel options with studio rooms that you can use as an office. Thus, you can complete your projects without sacrificing your comfort during your business trip. So, what are the room types in hotels, and what should be considered when choosing a room? Which are the hotels with studio rooms? Let's explore the answers to these questions.


Types of Rooms in Hotels

Single Room: Single rooms, also known as singles, vary in size from 8-14 square meters. The rooms, which are suitable for a single person, are designed to meet the needs of only one person.

Double Room: Rooms consisting of a double bed or two single beds are also called double rooms or twin rooms. The rooms, which vary in size from 10 to 16 square meters, are larger than single rooms.

Triple Room: Triple rooms, commonly consisting of three single beds, are also called triple rooms. These rooms offer an ideal space for holidays with families or friends.

Quadruple Room: Rooms that are ideal for large families or groups of friends are also known as Quad rooms. The width of the rooms, which can consist of double or two single beds, as well as four single beds, is larger than the other rooms.

Suite Room: The suite rooms, which are more magnificent than the other rooms, are offered to those who want to experience luxury accommodation. Suite rooms, which usually consist of a bedroom and a living room, are the shortest way to feel at home. These rooms, which can reach 40 square meters in width, provide a high level of comfort.

Family Room: Family rooms have a double bed for the parents and practical beds for the children. In family rooms, parents can share the same room with their children while staying in a room of their own. The size of the rooms can vary between 20-30 square meters.

Duplex Rooms: Duplex rooms, which are generally located in holiday villages, consist of two floors. On the lower floor, there are areas such as the living room and kitchen, while on the upper floor there is the bedroom. Duplex rooms can also have extra sections such as the en-suite bathroom, living room, and mini bar.

Studio Room: Rooms that can be considered as a kind of office are called studio rooms. In some studio rooms, the beds are foldable. Thus, space can be made in the room. Commonly, rooms with a comfortable bed and a functional work desk, and various equipment allows you to take a vacation while working.


Things to Consider When Choosing a Hotel Room

When choosing a hotel room, you should consider how many days you will stay in the hotel, how many people will stay in the room and your expectations from the room. In addition to these, you should consider whether you are going to the hotel for a business trip, for vacation, or for health purposes. Considering all these, you can choose the best hotel room for your stay.


Address of Business Trips in Istanbul: Elite World Business

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