Sapanca UTV Safari Tour

Sapanca UTV Safari Tour

What Should You Wear Before Joining Sapanca UTV Safari Tour?

Designed to be used on the road or off-road, UTVs appear as a more advanced version of off-road vehicles called ATVs. Anyone who will drive UTVs, which are very easy to drive, should choose the following protective equipment and clothing for a safe and comfortable ride:


1. Helmet

Before you start using the UTV, you should wear an appropriate helmet to protect your head in the event of a crash or rollover. You can also protect yourself against wind, rain, insects, and stones that may bounce off the ground using a helmet.


2. Gloves

While driving a UTV, your hands can get scratches or grazes when driving through tree branches or bushes. Fortunately, you can avoid this situation with a pair of gloves, but remember that the gloves you will wear should not make your UTV use difficult.


3. Shoes

Your feet can be injured by impact or bouncing stones while driving a UTV. For this reason, you need to wear shoes suitable for the terrain conditions to protect your feet. For this, you can choose walking shoes that completely wrap your feet and ankles.


4. Pants

It would be best if you protect your legs from sunburns, insects, and scratches while driving. Therefore, you can wear trousers instead of clothes such as skirts, shorts or capris.


5. Shirt

Finally, you should protect your arms against external factors as you protect your legs by wearing trousers. For this, you can choose to wear a long-sleeved shirt during the UTV safari tour.

Unfortunately, the precautions mentioned above do not provide complete protection against sunburns. Therefore, if you will use the UTV in sunny weather, do not forget to apply sunscreen to your face and exposed parts of your body before you set off.


Things You Should Know Before Joining Sapanca UTV Safari Tour

Let's say you made all the necessary preparations for an adrenaline-filled UTV tour in Sapanca. So, what should you pay attention to make your journey more enjoyable afterward? Let's take a look at all the details together.


Drive Your Own UTV for Real Fun.

In some cases, visitors may prefer to be passengers instead of sitting in the driver's seat. However, in this case, the joy and excitement of the UTV safari tour unfortunately decrease. So be confident and decide for yourself your speed and direction by sitting in the driver's seat. You can also see how easy it is actually to drive a UTV.


Don't Worry About Weather and Terrain Conditions.

The best part of UTV safari tours is that they are entertaining regardless of the weather and terrain conditions. After using the appropriate equipment, you don't have to worry about rain, mud, and obstacles in the field.


Don't Forget To Enjoy The View.

After running the UTV, you will feel like you are in an action movie. Afterward, you will experience unforgettable moments by maneuvering on the roads and in the forest and passing over obstacles. All these are like UTV safari tours but don't forget to take a break from time to time and watch the forest and the sky.


Don't mind getting your clothes dirty.

Puddles, mud, and dust; A must for UTV tours. Therefore, do not worry about getting dirty and enjoy your ride without worrying about anything.


Most Importantly, Don't Be Afraid to Ride a UTV.

Although UTVs are powerful vehicles suitable for off-road conditions, they are straightforward to use. Do not forget that you can learn to drive a UTV in a short time by following the tour guide's instructions.


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