Sapanca Top Hotels

Sapanca Top Hotels


Dazzling with the most magnificent color palette of autumn, Sapanca becomes the meeting point for those who love to explore nature. Besides Sapanca Lake, you can find many places to visit around Sapanca. Maşukiye, Soğucak Plateau and even Kartepe are among the closest places. But, of course, you may want to return to your hotel after a refreshing day outdoors. Here are the most suitable accommodation options:


Sapanca Center Hotels

Sapanca town center is one of the first places that come to mind for accommodation. But don't let the word "center" mislead you. Sapanca center, which has many touristic textures, is more like a big town. If you prefer to come by bus from outside the city, you can easily reach Sapanca center. Similarly, it would be best if you still went to the center to use public transportation while exploring Sapanca surroundings. You can also choose the Sapanca center to see the Vecihi Gate bearing the signature of Mimar Sinan and to follow the traces of historical artifacts from the Ottoman period. Sapanca central hotels mainly offer bed and breakfast and half-board options.


Kirkpinar Hotels

Kırkpınar, which has the spirit of a lake town, resembles a movie set with its stylish neighborhoods. Kırkpınar is a desirable living space with its vast parks and spacious gardens adorned with flowers. Kırkpınar attracts attention with its lively streets as well as its proximity to Sapanca Lake. Restaurants and pleasant cafes, where you can taste the cosmopolitan Sapanca cuisine flavors, create a quiet alternative that does not miss life. If you want to spend your Sapanca trip in Kırkpınar, villas serving as a hotel can be an ideal choice.



Recently, bungalows have been among the best hotel options in Sapanca. Bungalows, which offer an introverted holiday alternative, usually only provide room service. While enjoying this small space of your own, you can breathe the clean air of Sapanca. You can rent bungalows in many different regions in Sapanca. You can enjoy the autumn by choosing among those located in Mahmudiye, Istanbuldere, and Maşukiye.


SPA Centers

It is perfectly natural to focus on physical fitness with the approaching winter. In addition, you can choose SPA centers for a holiday that will relieve stress and strengthen your immune system. Compared to many regions, it is not surprising that more than one Wellness concept hotel is on the Sapanca best hotels list because Sapanca's natural atmosphere and fresh air coming from the mountains act as therapy on their own.


A Return to Self Begins with Elite World Sapanca Convention & Wellness Resort

Elite World Sapanca Hotel creates a unique transformation opportunity for its guests. Fit Life Spa & Wellness, located within Elite World Sapanca, awaits its valued guests for an inspiring journey. The Spa menu, which provides mental and physical peace to those who want to pamper themselves, is organized with a holistic approach. With the well-being practices accompanying the holistic rituals, the needs of each guest are met with great care.

Fit Life Spa & Wellness does not leave you alone on your journey to improve your lifestyle. Based on the motto of "Live Your Best Life," special wellness programs are organized for guests who want to increase their well-being. Elite World Sapanca, whose location will make you feel in the backyard of mother nature, also has a meditation program that will increase your inner peace. It is possible to increase your awareness with meditation and forest bathing in the peaceful atmosphere of pine forests in the most isolated corner of Sapanca.