Sapanca Ocakbasi Restaurants

Sapanca Ocakbasi Restaurants

The History of the Grill, Bringing Everyone Together on a Common Denominator

Apart from vegetarians and vegans, hardly anyone left who has not had a fireside experience. Regularity is spreading rapidly among those who discover this food culture. This regularity has existed since the first period of its emergence. So how did the fireside come about?

Ocakbaşı, which makes a different introduction to our food culture, is one of our country's first local fast food dishes. The biggest reason the fireside that emerged in the last period of the Ottoman Empire is called fast food is the lack of space in the shops. Since the first kebab masters did not have the financial power to keep large shops, they set up a stove and arranged chairs for their customers around it. Moreover, there were no kitchen, sink, or tables. People gathered at the beginning of the only piece in the shop, namely the stove, and left the shop, where they ate and satiated. When the taste of kebab and meat began to taste good, the masters earned more and expanded the business. In addition, the masters who migrated from Anatolia, especially from Adana to Istanbul, also paved the way for the development of this culture. Ocakbaşılar, which hosts the most profound conversations and delicious meals, has been seen as a men's place for many years. That's why women have an extraordinary prejudice against this culture. But like everything else, this culture has changed. It was alcohol consumption that started this transformation.

While the accompaniment of kebab used to be turnip juice, ayran, or soft drink, alcohol began to be served in these places over time. Later, Ocakbaşı's started to do many appetizers such as Haidari, hummus, pepper with walnuts, and eggplant paste. Finally, as the variety in the dishes increased, the Ocakbasi restaurants turned from being a fast food center to a place where you can have fun until late at night. Thus, with the trilogy of kebabs, appetizers, and alcohol, the foundation of today's Ocakbasi culture was laid.

Another factor that makes the fireside is the copper barbecue. Even watching meat skewered on exceptional skewers over charcoal gives people pleasure. This copper hood, which absorbs the smoke and cleans the restaurant's air, shows a part of this culture with engravings on it.

In short, the fireside; is an indispensable part of our world-famous food culture with its meat, barbecue, pita, ayran, conversations that last until the morning, and its warm air.


A Place Keeping the Grille Culture Alive

When you think of Ocakbasi, many places come to mind, all over Turkey. Ocakbaşı, which has turned into a place of entertainment from a fast-food culture, has also spread to Sapanca, which has conquered hearts with its lake view. So, which is the best restaurant in Sapanca that keeps this culture alive? How about the taste of their meat and appetizers? We have searched for the best quality fireside you can go to in Sapanca. Let's take a look here together.


Reach the Peaks of Taste at The Grill Ocakbaşı!

The Grill Ocakbaşı provides service at Elite World Sapanca Convention & Wellness Resort in the peaceful atmosphere of Sapanca with its expert chefs and talented team. The Grill Ocakbaşı, which offers daily fresh appetizers, fish varieties, and the best examples of different world cuisines, gives you a combination of superior taste and a peaceful environment.

It offers you the opportunity to taste local delicacies with the Van Breakfast, which is served every morning between 09.00 and 13.00.

On Fridays and Saturdays, between 20.00 and 23.00, you can experience taste and entertainment together with pleasant moments accompanied by live fasil music.

If you want to watch the peaceful lake view, taste the atmosphere where you can be alone with nature and the clean forest air with your family and friends, The Grill Ocakbaşı invites you to live the moment. Click now for detailed information and to make a reservation.