Sapanca Hotels with Forest View

Sapanca Hotels with Forest View

Things to Consider When Choosing a Hotel

1. Look at the Quality of Parking Service

You provide transportation for your holiday or travel with your vehicle most of the time. If the hotel you plan to stay in does not have a parking facility, the issue of where to park your car can turn into a big problem. The place where you park must also be safe for your vehicle. For this reason, the parking service and quality offered by the hotel you will choose is critical.


2. You Should Pay Attention to the Number of Stars

The star rating of the hotels is given according to the quality and number of the services they offer. Therefore, the higher the hotel's star rating, the higher the benefits and rate. You can see if the hotel is according to your criteria and expectations by looking at the number of stars.


3. It is important to be in a central location

The hotel you will choose to stay in should be close to the sea, forest or places to visit, depending on your travel purpose. Being far from the destinations you want to go to will save you both time and money. At the same time, it should be easy to reach the city from the hotel.


4. Does the Information on the Website Reflect the Truth?

Recently, frauds related to hotels have been added to fraud cases. Some scammers create fake sites by copying the locations of hotels. Customers who make their reservations online can fall into this trap. At this point, you need to call the hotel you plan to stay in, get information, and make the payment when you arrive at the hotel.


5. Your Children's Comfort Is Also Important

When you find the hotel suitable for you, it is helpful to review the facilities offered for your children. After all, your child's having a comfortable holiday means that you are also comfortable. In addition, the hotel's children's pool and various activities for children ensure that your child has a relaxing holiday.


Places to Visit in Sapanca

1. Sapanca Lake

If you are tired of the busyness of the city, Sapanca Lake and the walking path on its shore leave you alone with nature. There are also areas arranged around Sapanca Lake to sit and watch the scenery. At the same time, there are different routes created for cycling, jogging, and walking.


2. Kirkpinar

Circassians still live in Kırkpınar, which Circassians founded. The streets where Circassian culture is embroidered allow you to go back in time and witness the unique beauty of green. Speaking of Circassian culture, it is impossible not to mention their food. You can taste the famous Circassian dishes at Naturel Park Restaurant, one of the most famous venues of Kırkpınar.


3. Maşukiye

Maşukiye, where there are many trout facilities, welcomes many visitors with its historical buildings and areas for nature sports. You can visit the glamorous nature of Maşukiye with ATV tours or by riding a bicycle or horse. If you want to look closely and photograph every detail, it is also possible to take a walk.


4. Kartepe Ski Center

Kartepe is a ski center quickly reached from cities such as Istanbul and Ankara. Some tracks allow all kinds of winter sports to be done. You can access these tracks in Kartepe with only one ski pass. Kartepe, where four seasons are experienced, becomes eye-catching with the harmonious appearance of green in spring and white in winter.


5. Forest

The natural life park Ormanya was built due to 10 years of research and hard work. It covers an area of 189 hectares in total. Ormanya, which has many places to visit, such as a children's zoo, wildlife area, camping area, Ormanköy, nature trails, bird-watching area, nature school, and camping area, was established on the outskirts of Kartepe. One of the most visited areas of Ormanya, which appeals to all age groups, is the Hobbit Houses, created for decoration purposes.


Quality in Nature: Elite World Sapanca Convention & Wellness Resort

Elite World Sapanca welcomes its visitors with the comfort and quality of a 5-star hotel. Among the services it offers, there are congress and event areas as well as those for your convenience, such as the fireside, Wine Bar, SPA. In this way, both your holiday is good, and your business trips become more efficient. Thanks to its 2200 square meter area, the congress hall can host a group of 3000 guests simultaneously and has the potential to handle all kinds of organizations. Elite World Sapanca, which has Premium, Deluxe, Superior, and Presidential Suite room options as well as family and suite rooms, allows you to spend your time in Sapanca without any problems. In addition to all these, the friendly staff makes you feel at home.