Sapanca Hotels for Holidays with Children

Sapanca Hotels for Holidays with Children

The best way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and unwind as a family is to spend a vacation in a hotel that is surrounded by nature. First off, you need to choose a hotel that is suitable for you and your children. If you are thinking, "Well, how can I find a hotel in the heart of nature where me and my children have a good time?", you can choose Sapanca. Let's have a look at the Sapanca hotels that are most suitable for a vacation with children and how you can choose the hotel that is right for you.


Facilities That Are Provided by the Hotel

It is very important to consider the services of the hotel in order to enjoy your vacation with your children. For example, you can enjoy staying in hotels where adult and children's pools are located side by side. You can unwind with your children in the SPA center of the hotel and have a lovely breakfast at the open buffet restaurants. The presence of children's clubs in the place where you will stay can also provide you with an unforgettable vacation experience.


Hotel’s Location

Enjoying your vacation is not only related to the facilities of the hotel but also closely related to the location of the hotel. To have a tranquil vacation and get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, you can choose a hotel where you can stay alone with nature. These days, where we are constantly intertwined with technology, taking your children away from the city and technology to the heart of nature can make them feel fresher and happier.

It is also important that the hotel is in a location where you can easily reach, whether you are traveling with your private vehicle, public transport, or taxi. So, you can save time for yourself and spend more time having fun.


Facilities That Are Provided in the Rooms

If you are going on a vacation with your children, you should also consider the facilities that are provided in the rooms. You can have a more comfortable vacation when you choose a hotel that can meet your needs such as large family rooms, children's beds, or baby care equipment. In this way, you can enjoy your stay without having to purchase external equipment, especially for your small children. For this very reason, do not forget to call your hotel before booking and learn about the additional opportunities they provide for families with children!


Meal Options

You should pay attention to the variety, quality and allergen knowledge of the food that is offered in the hotel's restaurants and whether there are suitable menus for your children or not. Children may have different tastes than adults and may not prefer certain foods that adults usually enjoy. For this reason, it is important to have special menus for children and healthy snacks in the hotel so that your children can fill their stomachs with pleasure.


Activities for Children

How your vacation goes depends on how much fun your kids will have, no doubt! It is very important that the hotel you will accommodate offers activities for children, whether it has special areas for children and that there is an expert in the field to accompany them during the activities. While your children participate in various activities with their peers in the areas reserved for the little ones, you can take advantage of the opportunities that are offered for adults for chilling when there is someone to watch over them.


An Unmatched Hotel Suggestion for Families with Children in Sapanca: Elite World Grand Sapanca

You can find everything you are looking for to spend a lovely vacation with your children at Elite World Grand Sapanca. The hotel offers entertaining activities for your children in cooperation with the Gymboree-Kids Club. The club offers activities such as wood painting workshops, jewelry design workshops, ceramic making, stone painting activities and marbling workshops where your child can develop their hand skills.

In addition to workshops, Gymboree-Kids Club also offers activities such as cookie making, ring toss games, door decoration designs and origami making, where your children will both express their creativity and be entertained.

While your children participate in these activities and spend time with their peers, you can also participate in ATV/UTV safari tours, go on trekking and lake tours, go on treasure hunts, or have fun at outdoor shooting ranges. If you prefer, you can unwind your mind and body by getting a massage at Fit Life SPA & Wellness.

You can contact Elite World Grand Sapanca to make a reservation and get more detailed information.