Sapanca Grill Restaurants

Sapanca Grill Restaurants

Restaurants in Sapanca

When we say Ocakbaşı, Sapanca, which is known as the back garden of Istanbul, is preferred by many people. Because when we say Sapanca fireside places and Sapanca barbecue head, many options come to the front. The stove is where the right meat is cooked with the proper cooking, the right charcoal and the right fire. Meats taken from a good and fresh fire are consumed quickly. Here, not only the food but the atmosphere, music, plates and presentation are fundamental. The indispensable of the fireside culture is the conversation. Fireside culture is part of the culture of waiting for food to be cooked by the fire. A variety of appetizers and relaxing drinks accompany this process while cooking meats at the stove. That makes the waiting process more enjoyable. Fireside culture should be evaluated not only with meat but with all the offerings.


Sapanca Ocakbasi restaurants: The Grill Ocakbasi

If you are looking for a delicious fireside with searches like Sapanca fireside restaurants and Sapanca barbecue places, we welcome you to The Grill Ocakbasi. At the Grill Ocakbasi, charcoal grill and appetizers are waiting for you to add a delicious moment to your accommodation experience. In addition to the classic flavours, you can enjoy a rich menu of pasta, pizza and fish dishes inspired by international cuisine. We recommend that you check the menu to get an idea of all the delicacies offered at lunch and dinner. Click here for more information: The Grill Ocakbasi