Samsun Şahinkaya Canyon Travel Guide

Samsun Şahinkaya Canyon Travel Guide

Turkey is a country that hosts many natural and historical beauties. The canyons among these beauties can be considered as a piece of heaven in Turkey. Şahinkaya Canyon in the Vezirköprü district of Samsun is one of these hidden paradises of Turkey! The canyon, which offers its visitors the beauty of nature, has become one of the popular spots for tourists, both with its size and the opportunity for different activities. Come on, let's explore Samsun Şahinkaya Canyon together!

A Magnificent Travel Route: How and When to Visit?

Samsun Şahinkaya Canyon, the second largest canyon in Turkey, has a length of 2.5 kilometers. The canyon is located on the Kızılırmak River. This canyon, which has areas for nature walks and boat tours, is a natural wonder! So, how do you get to Samsun Şahinkaya Canyon?

Since it is not possible to reach the canyon by using public transportation, you need to use a private vehicle. You should first go to Samsun's Vezirköprü district with your car. After passing the district, you should continue in the direction of Kastamonu-Sinop-Boyabat. You can visit the canyon, which is beautiful in every season, especially during spring, summer, and autumn seasons. You can have the chance to participate in many different activities during the weather that is not too cold.


What Are the Activities That Can Be Done In Şahinkaya Canyon?

Since Samsun Şahinkaya Canyon has areas where different activities can be held, you can organize special events with your friends. Some of those are:

Discover the Beauties of Nature with a Pleasant Boat Tour

The Şahinkaya Canyon boat tour is a unique trip into the interior of the canyon. The boat trip, where you can explore the magnificent view of the canyon within the Altın Baraj Gölü, which was completed in 1988, allows you to witness the steep and crag slopes of the canyon. You can also explore the vegetation with the most special shades of green on a boat tour. Boat tours, which last approximately 40 minutes, are organized from two different starting points: Vezirsuyu National Park and Türkmen Village.


Nature Walks That You Can Do with Your Friends

Nature walks in Şahinkaya Canyon allow you to discover the very special view of the canyon from above. The canyon, which has an ancient history, is integrated with the deep blue waters of the Altın Baraj Gölü. This natural beauty can help you relax by taking long walks. Spring months, when the weather is much warmer, are ideal for nature walks in Şahinkaya Canyon. After arriving at the starting point by car, you can walk for about an hour accompanied by a guide and group.


For Professionals: Extreme Sports

The canyon is extremely suitable for extreme sports with its natural tracks. Here you can participate in activities such as slackline, highline, canoeing, cold molded boat, and rock climbing.

If you like adrenaline-filled nature sports, base jumping may be the ideal Şahinkaya Canyon activity for you! After free jumping and opening your parachute for landing, you can watch the magnificent view of the canyon.

A Pleasant Picnic in the Unique View of the Canyon

Şahinkaya Canyon Natural Park has picnic areas with barbecues and tables. There are also fountains in the area that provide access to drinkable water. For this reason, the canyon is an extremely interesting option for those who want to have a picnic with their family or friends. You can get plenty of oxygen and have fun with your loved ones while having a picnic!


Accommodation Options for Your Şahinkaya Canyon Trip

Besides Şahinkaya Canyon, there are many sightseeing areas in Samsun! You can plan a few days' stay in Samsun to see all these natural wonders. Atakum with its exquisite sea, can be an extremely pleasant location for accommodation.

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