Samsun Event Hotels

Samsun Event Hotels

Providing various facilities for corporate events, hotels welcome guests that are traveling for both for holiday and business purposes at any time of the year. Hotels with special facilities to ensure efficient business trips are located in many cities. It is possible to say that there are suitable hotels for your corporate travels in cities where the business sector is active, such as Ankara, İstanbul and İzmir, as well as in cities that are central to their region, such as Samsun.

If you are thinking of organizing a corporate event in Samsun, the capital of the Black Sea, you can add hotels in Atakum to your list. So, what activities can be done at the hotel? What are the benefits of holding corporate events at the hotel? Here is our guide where we answer these questions and offer suggestions among Samsun event hotels that are just for you!


What Activities Can You Do in Hotels?

Hotels that offer a suitable environment for corporate events usually have a large capacity hall. This hall offers the space needed for many events. In addition to your events such as conferences, seminars, product promotions, dealer meetings, launches and congresses, you can also hold your in-service training, in-house or intermural meetings at these hotels. Atakum can be one of the locations that can host your social organizations and business meetings that are fully equipped among the hotels where events will be held.


Advantages of Choosing a Hotel for Corporate Events

You can gain many advantages by organizing your corporate events within or between companies in hotels. We can list some of the advantages of holding events at the hotels such as:


Accommodation Service

When you host a corporate event, some of your guests may come from out of town. When you are faced with such a situation, you need to arrange a hotel where they can stay. Additionally, if you hold your event at a venue other than the hotel, you will have to spend extra on accommodation.

If you choose to organize your event at the hotel, you can help your guests benefit from the hotel's accommodation service before or after the event, as well as benefit from the extra facilities that are offered by the hotel.



Hotels that are located in a central location allow their guests to spend time outside the hotel without experiencing any transportation problems. Hotels that are close to public transportation, the airport and the city center also help your guests access the city easily with the external transportation services that they offer.

Food and Beverage Services

Hotels with restaurants can offer food and beverage services during the event. In this way, you can ensure that your guests are more productive during the event and are satisfied with the surveillance that is shown.


Technological Equipment

Hotels can help your events run more efficiently without any disruptions with their powerful internet services and technological equipment. Projector, speaker, microphone system, lighting, and ventilation, etc. Systems such as these are generally included in event hotels. In this way, you can spend time on your event plans without having to think about the procurement and transportation of all the equipment that you will need during the event.

Other Facilities Offered by the Hotel

After fulfilling your responsibilities for the event, you can take a break from your work schedule with the additional services that are offered by the hotel. Hotels that provide services such as spas, massages and minibars can help you relax from head to toe after a tiring conference. In this way, you can spare some time for yourself after completing your work and turn your business trip into a more enjoyable one.


To Make Your Corporate Events Unforgettable: Elite World Comfy Samsun Atakum

Elite World Comfy Samsun, which is at the top of the list of hotels where events will be held in Samsun, hosts your social organizations and business meetings. 19 Mayıs Meeting Hall, where comfort and technology are offered together, provides comfort to your guests with its 100 square meter area with a capacity of 90 people. You can access systems such as a whiteboard, microphone, volume control, sound system, curtain, central air conditioning system, projection, and laser pointer to increase the efficiency of your meetings at Elite World Comfy Samsun Atakum where it brings together all the technological equipment that you need.

Providing convenience for your guests in terms of accessibility, thanks to its location close to the city center and the airport, Elite World Comfy Samsun Atakum also offers your event group the opportunity to relax after the meeting with its Fit Life & SPA service. You can visit Elite World Comfy Samsun Atakum to benefit from the advantages of Elite World Comfy Samsun Atakum and enjoy the Black Sea.