Quiet Winter Destinations

Quiet Winter Destinations

Maşukiye / Kartepe 

Maşukiye, 20 km from Izmit, is also close to Sapanca. A tranquil winter destination!

Moreover, there are also hotels where you can stay in rooms with fireplaces. You can walk in the forest and enjoy the most delicious trout while watching the fantastic winter scenery. It would be best if you stopped by Maşukiye, which includes people with its nature and is beautiful in different winter. Agva An absolute blessing, especially for those living in Istanbul! It is a must-see destination with its nature, silence, and clean air. We think you will find a quiet and peaceful environment where you can have a holiday in winter.

Moreover, there are hotels, hostels, and motels to stay for every budget. 


Abant Lake 

Abant Lake is an indispensable destination for winter holiday lovers. Its beautiful scenery makes postcards jealous, its oxygen-rich air with a thousand kinds of trees and its calm nature. Abant is worth seeing in every season, but it is different in winter. Abant offers many other activity options to its visitors. You can hike around the lake and in the forest, camp, ride a horse and bike, or stay in hotels and hostels there. You can stay in bungalow houses as well as luxury hotels. We are sure that the views will enchant you while sipping your hot chocolate by the fireplace. 


Fairy Chimneys / Goreme 

Fairy Chimneys, which host millions of local and foreign tourists every year, definitely deserves to be a popular destination globally and in our country. Winters are calmer than summer, with the weather getting colder. Besides boutique hotels suitable for every budget, there are also many hotels for those who want to enjoy luxury. Balloon flights continue to be organized according to the weather conditions in winter.

When you go to Goreme to see the fairy chimneys, you can take walks in the canyons, catch beautiful sunsets in the valleys, join ATV tours, ride horses among fairy chimneys, have breakfast accompanied by colorful balloon views. There are many alternatives for those who want to camp. Moreover, there are cafes and restaurants where you can have fun during the day as well as at night. In short, Fairy Chimneys is a place where everyone who goes is satisfied and wants to go again. 


Ayder Plateau / Camlihemsin 

Every corner of our country is beautiful, but the most beautiful green shades are in the Black Sea! The Black Sea, where you can catch every tone of green, with its clean air and calmness, is on the list of those who want to take a winter vacation. Although it is a bit cold in winter, this plateau, which the visitors call "worth it," makes you feel on the clouds! Snowman Festivities are held in the winter in Ayder Plateau, which is suitable for everyone from young to old and at the same time. Hostels and plateau houses may be full during the festivities, but there are also tent camps. At the same time, there are many waterfalls worth seeing in the region. Although there are more activities in summer, those who want to ski prefer Ayder Plateau in winter. 



Sapanca is the first address for those looking for peace and quiet! Today's calm and hidden paradise. It is a place where you can rest with your family, loved ones, or alone, and be in touch with nature. For weekend getaways, you should stop by Sapanca to refresh and get some discharge. Besides, do not forget to book your place at Elite World Sapanca Hotel for an accommodation experience where quality and comfort are combined. You can experience peace and fun at the same time! Experience the privilege of staying at Elite World Sapanca Hotel to relieve the summer's tiredness and have some time for yourself.