Preferred Accommodation Options in Istanbul

Preferred Accommodation Options in Istanbul

Tourist attractions: Taksim hotels

If you first come to Istanbul for tourist purposes and ask the question of where to stay the best in Istanbul, the answer is definitely Taksim. Because Taksim meets all the needs of a person coming for touristic purposes. Taksim is located on all transportation lines. Within minutes, you can go to another end of Istanbul without traffic. For example, there are four departures from Taksim to Kadıköy. It can be crossed with a ferry or a metrobus can be used as a transfer. or dolmus and subway available. In other words, Taksim transportation means everything because it is important for a tourist to have fast access. You can go the best, fastest and never go anywhere.

There are no good transportation options for tourists. Not only that, but also close to places to see. Taksim is a place to visit on its own as well as being close to the places to be seen as an extra plus is a situation. Of course, this is due to the presence on the transportation line.

Taksim is not a plus for a tourist. Istanbul hotels are located at the bottom of many shopping points when staying in Taksim hotels. For example, Karaköy, Mecidiyeköy, Osmanbey and Besiktas are close by. For this reason, Taksim is an important option for all touristic visitors who cannot choose between Istanbul hotels and ask the question of where to stay best in Istanbul.


Business visits: Ataturk Airport hotels

Location and in-hotel facilities are prominent in business visits. The person who wants to get accommodation easily, the hotel to reach the hotel, this hotel easily reach the hotel, easy to go, easy to catch up on the plane situations such as business trips is quite important.

In addition to the location, in-house facilities are very important for business visits. When we look at Ataturk Airport hotels, the hotels are designed to be the most comfortable. Needless to say, when choosing these hotels, of course.


Stay in the most privileged position among the hotels of Taksim hotels and Ataturk airport!

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