Polonezköy Travel Guide... Breakfast, Hiking, Nature Activities

Polonezköy Travel Guide... Breakfast, Hiking, Nature Activities

History of Polonezkoy

The history of Polonezköy is quite impressive. In 1848, a group of Poles who could not withstand the Russian attacks took refuge in the Ottoman Empire. The Ottomans placed the Poles in this region, now known as Polonezköy. Poles have become residents of Istanbul and one of us.


How to get to Polonezkoy?

We can answer the question of how to get to Polonezköy in different ways: Take the Kavacık exit at Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridge. When you move towards Riva, you will see the signs of Polonezköy. After 14 km you will reach Polonezköy. If the traffic is congested, the direction of Çavuşbaşı can also be followed from the Kavacık exit. Ümraniye-Sarıgazi-Eski Şile route can also be preferred. If you want to get there by public transport, you can also take the 137- Cumhuriyet Köyü- Riva- Beykoz- Kavacık bus.


What can be done in Polonezkoy?

Polonezkoy is the perfect location to find peace. Even if you do not do any activity here, sitting on the grass, looking at the sky will relax you. Of course, if you want to do an event, there are also event facilities.

Forest Walk: Polonezköy has an enjoyable track. When you come to the village square for the road, follow the direction signs on the right. Be sure to take your camera with you while walking on this 5 km course.

Glass Art Workshop: There are several glass art workshops in Polonezköy. Here you can buy beautiful glass ornaments as well as daily and hourly seminars.

Ata Safari Tours: There are several riding clubs at the entrance of Polonezköy. Equestrian activities can be enjoyed here.

Polonezköy Culture House: Polonezköy Culture House is another alternative where you can learn about Polonezköy and spend time.

Cycling: Polonezköy is an excellent alternative to cycling when we think of the crowds of Istanbul. If you are a strict cyclist, you can ride your bike to Polonezköy.


What to eat in Polonezkoy?

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to Polonezköy for Istanbulites is breakfast and self-catering places. Prices are average, but these places can be crowded at the weekend. You can have extra breakfast by yourself, or you can bring your ingredients and have a barbecue elsewhere. You can also taste Polish flavoured walnut liqueur, carnation cherry liqueur or a variety of cakes.

Today we tried to answer questions such as the history of Polonezköy, how to get to Polonezköy, what to do in Polonezköy, and what to eat in Polonezköy. If you are visiting from outside of Istanbul, we welcome you to Elite World Hotels' privileged world for accommodation. Click here for information: Elite World Hotels