Places Where You Can Do Pilates on The Anatolian Side

Places Where You Can Do Pilates on The Anatolian Side

Pilates, which is ideal for those who do not like very intense cardio movements and who wants to maintain their body health with light exercises, of course, should be done carefully. Injuries, bruises, or injuries can occur if Pilates exercises are done incorrectly. One of the most important points for correct Pilates exercises is choosing a Pilates Hall. There are dozens of options in big cities like Istanbul, especially on the Anatolian side. You can reach the right choice by researching among these options. So, where are the places where you can do Pilates on the Anatolian side? Let's take a look at what you should pay attention to when doing Pilates and why choosing the right Pilates studio is important.


Things to Consider While Doing Pilates

1. Consulting with your doctor is required

Pilates usually includes exercises that are done without the use of any equipment. Sometimes exercises with simple equipment such as balls and rubbers can be preferred. However, this does not mean that Pilates should be done uncontrollably. If you have a physical or chronic illness, you should definitely start Pilates after consulting a specialist doctor.


2. Avoid Acting Unconsciously

While doing Pilates, you must be under the control of a specialist because it is very important to keep the shape of your spine while doing Pilates movements. Improper movements or distortion of the shape of the spine while performing the movements can lead to injuries. However, before you start doing Pilates, you should definitely do the warm-up movements.


3. Control Your Breath

Breath control; It is very important not only when doing Pilates, but also in daily life. If you breathe correctly, the efficiency you will get from Pilates increases. You should be able to control your breathing so that you have less difficulty doing the movements, work for the right muscle groups and accelerate blood circulation.


4. Be Careful with Choosing Outfits

Choosing the right clothes while doing Pilates increases the efficiency of the movements and makes you feel more comfortable. You can do Pilates with comfortable tights and socks, or you can choose to be bare feet if you wish. You can wear a T-shirt or crop top that will allow you to move more freely.


5. Proceed It Step by Step

You should not push yourself more than necessary while doing Pilates. You have to reach the next level every day and level up regularly. Trying to do difficult movements suddenly will force your body and may invite injuries. Forcing your muscles to step by step allows you to improve yourself. If you are having a hard time doing the movements, you should definitely tell your trainer about that. After talking to your instructor, you can take a break from the movements or continue Pilates by reducing the movement time.


6. Gym Selection Is Important

When choosing a gym, you should choose a place that will meet your expectations and needs. It would be more appropriate to choose a salon with comprehensive training and expert trainers. A gym that offers suitable environments for doing sports also positively affects the efficiency you get from Pilates.


The Address of Effective and Fun Pilates Experience: Elite World Asia

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