Places to Visit in Van Edremit

Places to Visit in Van Edremit

Lake Van, which folks refer it as Van Sea, accompanies many districts of Van with its scenery. Edremit is one of the districts that is located on the coast of Lake Van and located in the center of Van! It has hosted many cultures and civilizations throughout history, and it also has a magnificent nature with waterfalls, bird sanctuaries and many other beauties. Let's explore Edremit together, which attracts the attention of not only local but also foreign tourists with all these aspects.


To Enjoy the Scenery: Edremit Castle-Edremit Maiden's Castle or Kıztaşı

Edremit Castle has had many names from past to present. The Urartians used this castle as a ceremonial area. This castle, which has a unique panoramic view, has been developed considerably within the scope of the Maiden Castle Landscape and Regression Project. It contains many sections such as social facilities, local product stands, restaurants, and seating areas. You can also come to Maiden's Castle and have a pleasant time with your loved ones while watching the sunset.


A Journey to History: Dilkaya Mound

Dilkaya Mound, located in the Dilkaya neighborhood, is considered a first-degree archaeological site. Its history dates back to 3000 BC. Research has yielded various findings about whether the dead were cremated and buried and what the lifestyle was like. It is even thought that the first brain surgery in history was performed here. You can also travel back in time by visiting this historical region.


A Place That Had Been Mentioned in Folk Songs: Menua (Shamram) Irrigation Canal

Shamram is the place mentioned in the lines "Edremit Van’a bakar/İçinden Şamram akar" ("Edremit takes a look at Van/Shamram flows through it"). The canal, which is approximately 50 kilometers long, was built by King Menua to carry fresh water to the Van Ovası. Although it was built before Christ, some parts of the canal are still in use today! The fact that the Shamram water channel is surrounded by hanging gardens creates marvelous scenery.


Address of the Colorful Frames: Edremit Wetland

Edremit Wetland, a famous frequented area by bird watchers, hosts a variety of birds at certain periods. If you would like to take wonderful pictures in front of this natural beauty, we suggest that you should stop by here. You can also have a good time cycling or walking here.


For a Sweet Tranquility: Dönemeç Waterfall

It is a bit difficult task to reach the Dönemeç Waterfall, which fascinates local and foreign tourists with its beauty. You can walk across a small stream. However, when you take on this challenge, you are greeted with a magnificent visual feast. Here you can read your book in peace and breathe in the fresh air. It is also possible to say that it is a suitable area for camp lovers.


Natural Protected Area: Engil (Dilkaya) Bird Sanctuary

It is a region that was recently declared a natural protected area by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Lake Van Basin hosts 215 bird species in our country. You will be amazed by this diversity when you visit here. You can visit Engil Bird Sanctuary to see flamingos, especially in the summer months.


Companion to Long Walks: Edremit Beach

It is quite easy to reach Edremit beach. You can sunbathe on its beaches and immerse yourself in its chill waters. You can enjoy walking along the coastal path or cycling. There are a variety of restaurants and cafes, perfect for eating delicious food and spending time with your loved ones! You can be sure that watching the unique sunset from here will help you to relieve your tiredness of the day.


Comfort and Scenery Altogether: Elite World GO Van Edremit

Edremit is a district integrated with history and nature. Discovering the natural and cultural beauties that are found in different points can be a unique experience. You can rest your soul and enjoy the view by taking long walks on Edremit beaches. However, at the end of the day, you should also take time to rest your body to regain your energy!

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