Places to Hold Yoga and Meditation Camp

Places to Hold Yoga and Meditation Camp

Doing yoga and meditation is one of the most effective ways to get away from the stress of daily life, feel renewed and cleanse from head to toe. Yoga and meditation camps that are located in different destinations of our country offer great options for those looking for a new route to improve their relationship with themselves. So, which routes should you follow to practice yoga and meditation in an environment that is intertwined with nature? We have compiled the places for yoga and meditation camps for you.


Intertwined with Nature: Bornova, Izmir

Bornova district of Izmir hosts the most popular yoga camps in the city. Centers that bring their visitors together with healthy lifestyle teachings are among the good options for practicing yoga and meditation in the heart of nature. Many of the camps provide services to their visitors with swimming pools, indoor areas and restaurants serving healthy meals.

There are also places in Bornova where you can do breathing and exercise therapies, exclusive exercises, various yoga training, massage therapies, medical yoga sessions and nutrition and detox therapies. You can feel more vigorous, renewed, and relaxed in the nature-intertwined atmosphere of Bornova, which is approximately 30 kilometers away from Adnan Menderes Airport.


Deep into the Forest: Gebze, Kocaeli

How about looking for your inner child in the depths of the forest? Yoga and meditation camps located among lush green trees in Gebze may be ideal for getting away from the noise of the city and taking a deep breath. Camping sites, which are approximately 1 hour away from Sabiha Gökçen Airport, can also be a good option for those who do not want to travel too far from Istanbul.

Camping sites, which offer services in the field of personal development as well as yoga, dance, breathing and meditation practices, promise their visitors a wonderful experience in the heart of nature. On days when you will be alone in the silence of the forest, you can retreat for a while and unwind in the peaceful arms of yoga and meditation.


Back to the Village: Muğla

There are yoga and meditation centers in Muğla that open their doors to those who dream of a healthy and natural life. Some centers offer their visitors the opportunity to experience farm life in an environment intertwined with nature, as well as yoga camps. You can stay in wooden or stone houses in the tree-lined valleys of Muğla and witness the natural life of farm animals.

Yoga and meditation camps in Muğla offer visitors many different activities such as dance, yoga and meditation exercises, personal development seminars, local culture and handicraft workshops and wood carving.


Invitation to Spiritual Cleanse: Antalya

Yoga and meditation camps in Antalya, one of the most popular holiday destinations in Turkey, organize weekly programs, especially for guests who feel tired both physically and mentally and would like to get away from their worries.

Many different yoga practices are also carried out in the centers where activities such as cleansing camps and forest walks are held. If you are looking to calm down, you can experience different types of yoga in the centers, where breathing practices are at the forefront and aim to raise the chakras. The centers are waiting for visitors who would like to take a short break from city life and immerse themselves in the lush nature of Antalya.


The Address of Inner Peace: Bodrum

It might be a good idea to retreat for a while in an environment that is surrounded by nature, facing the Aegean Sea. There are retreat centers in Bodrum Gümüşlük that fascinate their visitors with their unique views. Various yoga and meditation practices, dance events, healing arts and therapies are held here throughout the year.

In some centers, there are restaurants with vegetarian menus prepared considering the physical and mental health of visitors. If you are thinking of going to retreat centers, you can stay here alone or with your loved ones. You can visit Bodrum, one of the most popular holiday resorts in Turkey, to have unique experiences that will change your life.


Feel Renewed in the Tranquil Nature of Sapanca: Wibe Fest

If you are looking for an activity that will relax both your soul and body on days when the spring weather warms you, Sapanca is among the best options. Wibe Fest, the healthy lifestyle and wellness festival that will take place at Elite World Grand Sapanca between May 17-19, offers participants a unique experience that is full of enjoyable events.

The Wibe Fest program, which will continue for 3 days, includes wellness, eating clean, body analysis, beauty and yoga sessions, mindfulness conversation, face yoga, ayurvedic diet, meditation, motivational speeches, breathing exercises and therapies. You can refresh your soul and heal yourself at the festival, which will be held with the participation of expert trainers such as mindfulness trainer Prof. Dr. Zümra Atalay, wellbeing expert and ayurveda trainer Ebru Şinik, holistic health expert Dr. Burak Ayhan, face yoga trainer Oya Acar, feng shui expert Esra Koyuncu, mindfulness and aromatherapy trainer Aslı Taşdemiroğlu, yoga therapist Elif İmrahor. 

If you would like to have a little getaway without going too far from the city and work with expert yoga instructors in the magnificent nature of Sapanca, you can contact Elite World Grand Sapanca and reserve your place right away.