Pilates Techniques at Home

Pilates Techniques at Home

Note: It should be kept in mind that in all these exercises, the Pilates breathing technique (horizontal costal breathing) and alignment points must be adhered to. In other words, all movements should be applied following the Pilates movement principles.


Pilates Workouts at Home: Kness Off


Standing on the knee in a crawling position.

The toes are put on the mat.

Arms should be shoulder-width apart.

Breathing is in and the knees are lifted from the mat with the abdominal muscles tight.


Pilates Exercises at Home: Toe Ball


Lie on your back on the mat.

The knees are raised to 90 degrees.

Breathing is taken and the tip of the right toe is touched to the mat without distorting the 90-degree angle of the knee.

Return to the starting position by breathing.

The same is repeated for the other leg.


Pilates Exercises at Home: Inner Thigh Circles


Primarily on the right arm; Lie on its side with the arm facing up just below the head.

The right leg is extended down to the body level.

The left leg is bent and pulled up to the hip.

Breathing is taken and breathing continues throughout the movement.

10 circles are drawn by lifting the leg on the ground slightly in the air.

Then the same is done on the other side.


Pilates Workouts at Home: Leg Lift


Primarily on the right arm; Lie on its side with the arm facing up just below the head.

Your legs should be at the full-body level and your body should be in a straight line.

Your fingertips are stretched open and closed without bending the leg.

The same is applied to the other side after the set is over.


Pilates Exercises at Home: T- Press


Lie face down.

Legs are stretched, fingertips stretched forward.

Arms are opened sideways to take the T shape.

Breathing is taken.

Head and shoulders rise from the mat by breathing out, arms meet at the back.


Pilates Exercises at Home: Pelvic Curl


Lie on your back.

The arms are straight on both sides.

The knees are bent.

Breathing is taken.

While breathing in, the hip area is constantly raised.

It is lowered back by breathing.



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