One Day in Aydos Forest ... What kind of activities should be done?

One Day in Aydos Forest ... What kind of activities should be done?

What's in Aydos Forest?

Aydos Forest is located in Kartal district of Istanbul, and it is spread over an area of ​​6620 acres. Aydos Forest is one of the must-see places in Istanbul. It contains Aydos Hill and Aydos Pond which is one of the highest points of Istanbul. Aydos Hill has a height of 537 meters. Tepe is named after the Byzantine and Roman period Aydos Castle. Aydos Pond is located in the forest in the opposite direction of Aydos Hill.


What to do in Aydos Forest?

Aydos Forest is a vibrant place in terms of activities. However, what to do changes seasonally. If you are wondering what to do in Aydos Forest and what to do in Aydos Forest, take a look at these suggestions.


Things to do in Aydos Forest: cycling, hiking, jogging, trekking

Aydos Forest Istanbul is one of the frequencies of sports fans. The biggest reason for being one of the favourite places is its beautiful weather and lush nature. You can take a bike on the bike trail or take a 50-60 minute walk to the pond. You can also go to Aydos Hill and walk by the lake. You can also evaluate the different walking and running trails of the forest.


Things to do in Aydos Forest: Picnicking & Breakfast

Aydos Forest is a popular destination for sports fans as well as nature lovers. When you come here, you have the option of drinking many different foods on the lake or in the forest. For example, you can sit on the benches and have breakfast or dine on the poolside. Or you can bring your food yourself and buy tea in the samovar. While eating, you can watch the geese, after dinner you can take a bicycle on the lake. It is forbidden to light a fire in the forest, but you can have a picnic and barbecue in the mentioned picnic areas.


Aydos Forest entrance fee 2019

The entrance fees for Aydos Forest and the entrance fee for Aydos Forest are wondered by many people. Here are the entrance fees for Aydos Forest:

• Cars & SUVs: 20 TL

• Pedestrian-Bike: 7 TL

• Student: TL 3.5

• Battery: 8 TL

• ATV: 10 TL

• Motorcycle: 12 TL

• Minibus: 54 TL

• Midibus 83 TL

• Bus: 140 TL


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