Nature Hotels Where You Can Enjoy Live Music

Nature Hotels Where You Can Enjoy Live Music

However, after long walks among the chirping birds, you may want to add a little more color and movement to your evening. "There is no vacation without fun." says, but if you're going to get lost in nature at the same time, you are lucky. Nature hotels, where you can enjoy live music, bring your soul together with music to accompany your rested body. If you wish, let's get to know nature hotels and their concepts a little better before preparing your suitcase.


Nature Hotels Invites You To Peace In All Seasons

It's not as hard as you think to get away and freshen up when city life hits you. Thanks to the nature hotels that provide service at all times of the year, it is now possible to enjoy each season separately. E.g., A short weekend break in the spring months can allow you to witness the awakening of nature. On the other hand, Autumn is ideal for those who want to experience romance at its peak with its colors reminiscent of a painting. Going on a vacation in the cold winter months means enjoying the view clad in white in front of the fireplace. Of course, nature hotels also create alternatives for those who do not want to be out of breath on crowded beaches. Options such as refreshing in the refreshing air of the forest and swimming with the fish in the lake change the perception of summer vacation.

The benefits of your holiday in a nature hotel are not limited to natural beauties. Sapanca, the indispensable address of weekend getaways, especially with its proximity to Istanbul, contains different nature hotel options. Nature hotels in the region manage to make a difference with their "wellness" oriented concepts. In addition to various activities, live music concerts are also held in these nature hotels, which do not neglect to offer a perfect experience to their guests with their hospitality.


Melodies Accompany Bird Sounds at Elite World Sapanca

Crowning your holidays with peace with SPA and unique wellness programs, Elite World Sapanca brings you together with music at night. How about enjoying the music under the starry sky and in the warmth of the campfire? So "Now it's time for music!" We invite you to the Bonfire area. Moreover, delicious snacks prepared by Executive Chef Mithat Yalçınkaya and his team and a distinguished wine menu accompany the concert, which a guitar will accompany. When the weather conditions are not suitable, this pleasure continues in the unique atmosphere of the Wine Bar.

On the other hand, Lobby Bar welcomes classical music lovers who want to listen to the energy of music. A mini-concert is held on Friday and Saturday evenings, accompanied by the violin, accordion, and double bass trio. You can experience this pleasure, which will allow you to relax by surrendering your soul to the notes between 20.00 and 23.00 in the evening.

The Grill Ocakbaşı welcomes those who like to have fun in traditional style. The Grill Ocakbaşı, which is appreciated with its biological pond view, fresh appetizers, and fireside delicacies, brings together valuable guests with the pleasure of live chapters. Moreover, The Grill Ocakbaşı opens its doors to those who want to spend a pleasant evening with their friends in the heart of nature instead of the chaos of the city. You can book your place at The Grill Ocakbaşı to have a pleasant experience with the dishes prepared by the talented hands of award-winning chefs.

For reservation and detailed information, you can visit Elite World Sapanca's official website or call 0 264 415 11 20.