Marmaris Travel Guide in Summer

Marmaris Travel Guide in Summer

Discover the unique bays and beaches of Marmaris

Marmaris is a region with pleasant bays and lovely beaches. Turunç, Selimiye, Kumlubük, İçmeler, Bozburun and Çiftlik are just a few of the bays you should see in Marmaris. To discover these bays and more, staying in a hotel in a convenient location will be a logical choice for you. For example, Icmeler! In order to stay in this beautiful area where green and blue meet, you can do research between Icmeler hotels and make your holiday more enjoyable.

Before forget; Let's say that another way to visit the bays is to do a boat tour. You can enjoy swimming in the beautiful and clean seas by joining different boat tours.


Meet the history of Marmaris by visiting historical beauties

Marmaris is not just a natural beauty; the historical attractions that have come from the past to the present are the reason for preference. Hafza Sultan Caravansary, Marmaris Museum, Marmaris Castle, Taşhan Kemerli Bridge, Halıcı Ahmet Urkay Museum; A few of the historical beauties you can visit in Marmaris Marmaris


Add excitement to your holiday with nature sports and activities

We have mentioned above that there are many activities you can do in Marmaris. Water sports such as parasailing, fly-board, jet skiing, sailing, canoeing; alternative activities such as jeep safari, trekking and cycling are some of the excitement waiting for you in Marmaris. Diving and discovering the hidden treasures of the Aegean can make your holiday different.


Enjoy the nightlife

In addition to its natural and historical beauties, Marmaris promises to offer its guests a pleasant moment with its nightlife. This own seaside city has a bustling nightlife. To make your holiday even more enjoyable, you can explore the sights of the famous Bar Street or enjoy the entertainment by visiting the restaurants and bars in the centre.

All these engaging activities mentioned above are some of the beauties that are waiting for you in Marmaris. In order to complete your trip in an unusual way, you have to choose a hotel that will give you a pleasant stay by making calls in Marmaris hotels, Marmaris 4 star hotels. One of the most critical determinants of an enjoyable holiday is a pleasant stay.

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