Luxury Seminar Hotels in Istanbul

Luxury Seminar Hotels in Istanbul

Istanbul is one of our cities of unique beauty with its cultural and historical texture. Since it is an important attraction center for the business world, it is also among the focal points of business trips. We can say that Istanbul is the right address for you, especially if you want to organize pleasant, satisfying, and well-attended seminars. Of course, it is also very important that you choose the meeting rooms where you will organize these seminars with great care. In this way, you can choose luxury seminar hotels. Well, among the luxury seminar hotels in Istanbul, which ones are the most suitable for you? Let's take a look at the locations where you can find luxury seminar hotels in Istanbul and how these hotels can contribute to your accommodation experience.


Luxury Seminar Hotels in Maltepe

Maltepe, one of the biggest districts of the Anatolian Side, is home to many touristic places with its history dating back to the Byzantine Empire. The district, which has a fascinating atmosphere with the view of the islands; Bağdat Street also offers ease of access via the E-5 highway and railway. Moreover, it becomes the right choice as it has many cafes, bars, and restaurants that offer relaxing breaks to your travels with your family or colleagues.

If you want to organize pleasant seminars in Maltepe, you can choose Elite World Grand Istanbul Küçükyalı, which changes the dynamics of the industry with its meeting areas that offer the best opportunities for the business world and congress tourism. You can also experience privileged accommodation by making a reservation for Elite World Grand Istanbul Küçükyalı, which is centrally located and offers a unique beauty to its guests with the view of the Prince Islands.


Luxury Seminar Hotels for Basın Ekspres

If you want to stay in Basın Ekspres located on the European side of Istanbul, you can easily reach Beyazıt, Grand Bazaar, The Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Basilica Cistern, and Topkapı Palace. From here, you can go to Gülhane Park, Sirkeci, and Spice Bazaar and experience the present and the past altogether. You can easily reach many touristic places such as Galata Bridge, Istiklal Street, and Dolmabahçe Palace, and witness the vitality of the city once again.

You can have a unique experience for your commercial travels while staying in Basın Ekspres Yolu. If you prefer Basın Ekspres to organize a luxury seminar, you can make a plan that suits your needs thanks to Elite World Grand Istanbul Basın Ekspres. Get ready for the best opportunities by making a reservation at Elite World Grand Istanbul Basın Ekspres, where you can hold your business meetings in a comfortable office environment!


Luxury Seminar Hotels in Florya

Florya, the apple of the eye of the European Side is one of the best accommodation addresses with its nature, fairgrounds, and proximity to shopping centers. While in Florya, you can visit the beach, Florya Atatürk Forest, and Istanbul Aquarium, so you can integrate with nature. You can also see Florya Atatürk Marine Mansion, Bakırköy Republic (Freedom) Square, and Yeşilköy Lighthouse.

If you are going to Istanbul for your business trips, you can choose to stay in this district, which is one of the strategic centers of the business world. If you want to hold your meetings in the best way possible in Florya, you can reserve your place at Elite World Istanbul Florya, a luxury seminar hotel. At Elite World Istanbul Florya, you can meet all your business, tourism, and entertainment needs by living a luxurious experience.


Luxury Seminar Hotels for Taksim

Taksim; It is one of the most popular districts of the European Side with its unique historical structures such as Istiklal Street, Taksim Square, Republic Monument, Çiçek Pasajı, and Hagia Triada Greek Orthodox Church. Whether you are traveling for visiting or business purposes, you can hear the heartbeat of the city of Taksim, which hosts thousands of tourists each and every year.

If you prefer Taksim for your business accommodation experience, we have very good options to recommend: Elite World Istanbul Taksim and Elite World Comfy Istanbul Taksim! You can organize enjoyable and satisfying seminars at the hotels that await their guests with their comfortable and modern living spaces. You can easily access all kinds of facilities you need, and you can ensure that the organization is efficient with the help of professional teams. By making a reservation at Elite World Istanbul Taksim or Elite World Comfy Istanbul Taksim, you will have your business trip in the most luxurious way.