Luxury Hotels

Luxury Hotels

Istanbul has a wide range of luxury hotels. Because, inside, the hotel provides the right to the concept of luxury hotels. However, even if you have many options in Istanbul for the most luxurious hotels, it is essential to choose a hotel that can meet your expectations. Well what exactly means luxury hotel; So how should a luxury hotel have its features? Here are the elements to be found in luxury hotels.


Time, space and choice

Luxury hotels; offer a comfortable space to their guests by giving them time, space and right to choose. This way, guests can get the chance to be referred again and again. In luxury hotels, the timetables are set according to the guests and offer them a space to complete all their requests.


The warm and comfortable hotel lobby

The hotel lobby is the first place that guests have an idea of the hotel. That is why the hotel lobby of luxury hotels is significant. The hotel lobby is not just an architectural part of the hotel; it also means a symbol and status. Besides, it is important to note that when people arrive in a hotel, the first impression is usually experienced in the hotel lobby. Luxury hotels; guests are welcomed with a warm, safe and comfortable hotel lobby.


Self-confident and friendly staff

Employees at luxury hotels should not establish a subordinate relationship with customers. They should feel comfortable and confident. Because no one, even if it's his job, can't act for 10 hours a day. Trying to behave like a different person is exhausting, every person and this leads to a loss of motivation. That's why self-confident staffs are kind and friendly, not because of their job duties.


Excellent service to meet customer expectations

The priority of luxury hotels should be to meet customer expectations in the best way. For this, hotel staff should be related to their customers and should have information about them. Staff at luxury hotels collect information about each new customer without disturbing and contacting them. And they aim to provide a service in line with their wishes and expectations.

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