Italian Style Cafes in Istanbul

Italian Style Cafes in Istanbul

Brew Coffeeworks Sirkeci

Brew Coffeeworks building is a century-old Ottoman building designed by one famous Turkish architect, Architect Kemalettin. Brew Coffeeworks Sirkeci is one of the first choices of those looking for traces of Italian coffee culture in Istanbul. Their delicious and fresh espresso will quickly revive you for a break from your tiring day. Ordering ice cream with your coffee? Why not! Although Brew Coffeeworks Sirkeci mainly includes espresso-based coffees in its menu, you can also choose 3rd wave cold brew coffees, frozen, mocktails and milkshakes for hot summer days.


1970 Italian Cafe Istanbul

Everyone admires the delicious Italian coffees; the 1970 Italian Cafe is located in Esenler, Istanbul. The cafe, which offers a small and warm atmosphere with the fragrant smell of coffee beans, is ideal for those who want to have a pleasant time with their family or friends. You can prefer warm espresso in winter and iced coffee from the skillful hands of master baristas in summer.


Barista The Italian Coffee

Barista The Italian Coffee is a small Italian-style cafe with a warm and friendly atmosphere in Beyoğlu, right in the heart of Istanbul. This cozy cafe, which attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists and Istanbulites, wins hearts thanks to its delicious Italian coffees and friendly staff. Barista The Italian Coffee, which is very popular for its refreshing and robust espresso and its soft latte, also offers fresh and ice-cold lemonade for hot summer days.


Caffe Vergnano 1882

Vergnano is Italy's oldest ground coffee producer. The company, which the same family has managed for four generations, was established in 1882 in Chieri in Turin. Caffè Vergnano, a traditional Italian coffee bar, also provides service at many different points in Istanbul. Offering espresso, macchiato, and many kinds of coffee with the freshness and quality of the first day, the cafe manages to reflect the Italian style in the best way by offering the experience of drinking coffee while reading your newspaper on the counter, standing or in your comfortable armchairs. Caffè Vergnano, whose main products include Espresso 1882, Nocciolino, Cannellini, and Macchiato, awaits you with its delicious coffees and delicious Italian desserts that you can order alongside.


Coffee Company

Coffee Company, which is part of Elite World Hotels, offers quality service in Istanbul and many corners of Turkey. It is possible to take a pleasant break in the classic Italian-style cafe Coffee Company, accompanied by the tempting aromas of coffee beans and fresh Italian coffees. Welcoming its guests between 07:00 and 23:00 every day, Coffee Company offers delicious coffees, Italian-style desserts, and snacks. You can taste handmade chocolates from their masters and drink your coffee from the hands of award-winning baristas. You can buy these handmade chocolates as a special gift to your loved ones. Also, don't forget to taste the sponge cakes and cream cakes carefully prepared by the chefs daily! Coffee Company awaits you with the same service and product quality by serving in different locations. For more detailed information about Elite World Hotels and Coffee Company and to make a reservation, you can visit the Elite World Hotel website.