Istanbul Park Transportation Guide

Istanbul Park Transportation Guide

Where is Istanbul Park?

Hosting many motorsport tournaments, the most popular of which is Formula 1, the Istanbul Park track area is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, in the Tuzla district. The full address of Istanbul Park, which is only 10 kilometers away from Sabiha Gökçen Airport, is as follows:

Akfırat Mahallesi, Göçbeyli Bulvarı, Number:1, Tuzla/ Istanbul.


How to get to Istanbul Park by IETT Buses?

During Formula 1 races held at the Istanbul Park track area, IETT organizes special flights from different parts of the city. Likewise, special flights are scheduled from metro stations to Istanbul Park. The route of these flights goes directly to Istanbul Park. During the busiest hours of the organization, these flights become more frequent, every 10 minutes.

On the other hand, citizens who want to reach Istanbul Park via IETT, except for the dates of Formula 1 races, should take the buses on the 133GP Göçbeyli-Kartal line. You can get on this line and get off at the Istanbul Park stop.


The Way to Be Followed by Those Who Want to Go to Istanbul Park by Metrobus

If you want to reach Istanbul Park from the European side, the route you need to follow is as follows:

● Go to the nearest station and transfer to the Metrobus.

● Take the Metrobus and get off at Uzunçayır metro station.

● Transfer to Ünalan metro station.

● Take the metro in the direction of Tavşantepe.

● Reach Pendik metro station.

● Transfer to Göçbeyli-Kartal IETT bus numbered 133GP and get off at Istanbul Park stop.

The route you need to follow to reach via Marmaray is as follows:

● Take the train from the nearest Marmaray stop to you.

● Go to Pendik YHT station.

● Take the Göçbeyli-Kartal IETT bus number 133 and get off at the Istanbul Park stop.


How to Go to Istanbul Park by Private Car?

Suppose you want to go to Istanbul Park via the TEM highway. In that case, you can reach Istanbul Park by following the signs written "Istanbul Park" from the Sabiha Gökçen and Şekerpınar-Bayramoğlu exits in the direction of Istanbul-Ankara.

Those who want to reach Istanbul Park on the E-5 highway can get Istanbul Park by turning from the Sabiha Gökçen and Şekerpınar-Bayramoğlu intersections in the direction of Istanbul-Ankara, in the direction of the signs that say "Istanbul Park."

On the way back, there are three different exit alternatives. First, you can reach the E-5 or TEM via Akfırat, Erhanlı road or Şekerpınar by following the signs from outside the Istanbul Park. At the same time, club members and VIP guests can use Gate A, trucks, and buses diverted from another gate.


How to get to Istanbul Park by Air?

Guests arriving in Istanbul by air and using Istanbul Airport can reach the city center by renting a taxi or private car. Another way to get to the city center is IETT buses. Your journey will take approximately 30 minutes. Apart from this, some flights go directly from the airport to Istanbul Park on race days.

Transportation is much easier for guests arriving at Sabiha Gökçen Airport. Because the distance between Sabiha Gökçen Airport and Istanbul Park is only 10 kilometers, for this reason, it is very comfortable to reach Istanbul Park from the airport by taxi and public vehicles.


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