Istanbul Hotels where you can have a Patisserie Experience

Istanbul Hotels where you can have a Patisserie Experience

The patisserie culture, which has developed with the cosmopolitan structure of Istanbul, dates back to ancient times. Before patisseries entered our kitchens with puff pastry, macaroon, and cream cakes, they shaped Istanbul's social and cultural structure. If you wish, let's go back to those years that were the subject of movies and examine the formation of the patisserie culture and the Istanbul hotels where you can have a patisserie experience today.


Tasty History of Istanbul

As a result of the Westernization movements after the Tanzimat era, the first patisseries were opened in Pera. Patisseries, which are the favorite of the people of Istanbul, have increasingly become an intellectual meeting place. Patisseries became meeting places for intellectuals such as Orhan Veli, Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar, and Abidin Dino. But, of course, the indispensability of these patisseries is not limited to the guests they host. Patisserie products were beautiful for the people accustomed to Ottoman baklava, rice pudding, and Turkish delight. The people of Istanbul; Thanks to patisseries, it met tastes that had never been tasted before, such as biscuits, tarts, and pudding. Although patisseries concentrated in Pera and Galata districts in Istanbul, chocolates, bonbons, and special order cakes were sold in boxes from Paris. With their delicious, colorful showcases, these European flavors spread to other districts of Istanbul in a short time.

Of course, patisserie culture is not limited to Istanbul. The spread of patisseries in Anatolia has different stories and histories. The history of patisseries and bakeries in the Black Sea region dates back to the First World War. To find a job, those who migrated from Hemşin, Çayeli, and Kemalpaşa to Russia and Poland in that period; When they returned, they brought this culture. As pastry masters changed cities, their ingenuity spread throughout Anatolia.


Transformation of Patisseries

The number of patisseries that open with wooden doors and display hard candy in glass jars is decreased. This decrease can be attributed to the new form of socialization born with the needs of the developing age. Cafes and new generation coffee shops are taking the place of patisseries, which were once a meeting point. Moreover, as a result of globalization and modern life, life is more fluid and fast, and the "take away" options of these shops are becoming more and more popular, just like their counterparts abroad. When we evaluate the new generation meeting areas over cafes, it is possible to see that many of them have turned into mobile workspaces. Still, the new generation of boutique pastry shops and Istanbul hotels seem determined to continue this deep-rooted tradition. Istanbul hotels, where you can experience patisserie, continue to bring unique tastes to life.


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