İstanbul Hotels for Indoor Weddings

İstanbul Hotels for Indoor Weddings

Hotels where weddings can be held indoors serve various districts of İstanbul with different concepts. Therefore, you need to do good research for your dream wedding. Let's talk about what you should pay attention to in order to choose the one that will meet your expectations before you have a look at the hotels where weddings can be held in İstanbul.


What should be considered when choosing a hotel for a wedding?

If you want to have a dazzling wedding that will not be erased from memory for a long time, it is very important to pay attention to some points when choosing a hotel. Let's have a look at some these points:

  • First, you should determine the number of guests and act accordingly. The guest capacities of the hotels where weddings can be held indoors in İstanbul may vary due to the possibility of the facilities.
  • Another important issue is the budget. Since hotels can serve meals with or without meals, their fees may also vary. At this point, you can choose according to your budget.
  • When choosing a hotel, you should certainly determine what kind of wedding you want and search accordingly. For example, for a bohemian-style wedding, you can choose hotels with accessories, macrame, dream catchers, tents, and carpets suitable for this style.
  • If you want to organize various events with your friends after the wedding, you should consider the location of the hotel. For example, some hotels may be located in quiet districts of İstanbul, while others may be located in more vibrant areas.
  • Finally, don't forget to have a look at the hotel's reviews. By examining the reviews of people who have had a wedding at the hotel you prefer, you can have information on many different issues such as the quality of the food, the staff service, and the design of the hotel.


Your Dream Wedding is Possible with Elite World Hotels & Resorts!

Elite World Hotels & Resorts offers its visitors unforgettable experiences in many different locations in İstanbul. It serves couples who want to share life with its magnificent ballrooms. Here are 4 fascinating hotels:


Elite World İstanbul Taksim

If you say, "my wedding is worthy of palaces.", here is the place you are looking for! Elite World İstanbul Taksim, located in one of the most central locations of İstanbul, is like a palace with its neoclassical architecture. You can experience unforgettable moments thanks to its different features such as a spacious interior, high ceiling, dance floor and stage that you can arrange according to your personal tastes. With its many special touches, from elegant candlesticks to stylishly designed chairs, tables, and cutlery, you only have to say "Yes!" to it. You can contact Elite World İstanbul Taksim immediately to reserve a place for your most special night.


Elite World Grand İstanbul Küçükyalı

Welcoming its guests with the view of the Prince Islands, Elite World Grand İstanbul Küçükyalı dazzles the eyes with its stylish and modern structure. Whether it's a simple or glamorous wedding, whatever your choice is, you can be sure that your special night will be perfect. Serving with a ballroom suitable for both dinner and cocktail concepts, the hotel is with you on the best day of your life. You can visit Elite World Grand İstanbul Küçükyalı to make a reservation now.


Elite World Grand İstanbul Basın Ekspres

Elite World Grand İstanbul Basın Ekspres, located close to the historical beauties of İstanbul, provides service with its experienced and friendly team. Thanks to its high guest capacity, you can increase the number of guests and celebrate this special night with your loved ones. The ballroom, which responds to all kinds of needs with its impressive lighting, rich menu, and connection to the open area, awaits you for a unique wedding experience. To plan your wedding with a special assistant, you can contact Elite World Grand İstanbul Basın Ekspres and make an appointment right away.


Elite World İstanbul Florya

The ballroom of Elite World İstanbul Florya, which dazzles with its stylish design and high ceiling, makes weddings unforgettable. From table decorations to welcome cocktails, many different services provide unique experiences. You can top off your happiness at the hotel, where delicious treats prepared by award-winning chefs are offered. To organize your wedding here, you can contact Elite World İstanbul Florya and get detailed information about the hotel and the services it offers.