Istanbul Districts With The Princes' Islands Views

Istanbul Districts With  The Princes' Islands Views

When the Princes' Islands are so important for Istanbul, who would not want to live in a house with this view or stay in a hotel of the same quality? The first thing that welcomes you when you wake up in the morning is the view of the Princes' Islands! If you are interested about Istanbul hotels with views of the Princes' Islands, sights to see in Istanbul, hotels with the best view of the Bosphorus, hotels with views of the Bosphorus, places to see in Istanbul, places to visit in Istanbul, please read our article!


History Of The Princes' Islands

In ancient times, the Princes' Islands were called Demonisia (People's Islands). During the Byzantine period, since some monasteries were built in some of the islands, it became known as Papadonisia (monastery of monks). These monasteries became famous thanks to the exiled and essential people such as emperors and patriarchs who could not return to Constantinople. According to historical books, Emperor Justin II had him build a palace and monastery in 569, to the largest of the islands. This island, formerly known as Megale, was named after Prinkipo (Prince's Island). And then the whole of the Islands became known as the Princes' Islands.

During the Byzantine period, Constantinople was protected by large city walls, while the Princes' Islands were abandoned and even destroyed during enemy attacks. The destruction of the Princes' Islands continued for many years, from the Arab invasions of the 7th and 8th centuries to the capture of the Byzantines by the Ottomans. The islands were then safe under Ottoman rule, but in 1807 they were bombed by the fleet of the British Navy moored at Kinaliada while attempting to cross the Dardanelles Strait to the Marmara Sea. During the Byzantine period, while the Armenian people lived in Kinaliada, the Greeks lived on other islands. In the late Ottoman period, prominent Turkish and Jewish families started to settle in other islands, especially in Büyükada. Today, important Armenian and Jewish communities and Greeks live together with Turks in the Islands.


Best Hotels Overlooking The Princes' Islands

As it is seen, Princes' Islands has never lost its importance for Istanbul with its historical and natural beauties. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you visit the Princes' Islands during your trip to Istanbul. Besides, witnessing the view of the Princes' Islands, which is one of the magnificent views that Istanbul offers to its visitors, can be a delightful experience for you. Maltepe, Kartal, Pendik, Guzelyali, Kucukyali, Bostanci, Goztepe districts like Istanbul are the districts where you will enjoy the views of the Princes' Islands.

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