Istanbul Cocktail Organization Hotels

Istanbul Cocktail Organization Hotels

Analyze Your Purpose and Audience

As in every event, cocktail organizations have a specific subject and purpose. Therefore, it would help if you took care to keep the satisfaction level of the guests as high as possible to reach the desired targets in cocktail organizations shaped around topics such as store opening, groundbreaking ceremony, product promotion, project development, business partnerships, birthday, henna night and engagement. For this, you should plan the organization in line with your purpose and target audience.


Predetermine the Menu

You should determine the guests' food, beverages, treats, and snacks before the organization. Then, arranging the products to be served, the presentation techniques to be used, and the periods in which the service will be provided within a program prevent stress and confusion. For this, you need to cooperate with experts in gastronomy and individuals experienced in the field of the organization. So you can prepare for the event in the best way possible.


Pay Attention to Music Selection and Sound System Quality

The most decisive factor for creating a playlist is undoubtedly the subject of the organization. While more live music is preferred for entertainment-based concepts such as birthdays and henna nights, more calm and classical music is selected in official organizations such as projects and business partnerships. Another issue that is as important as the choice of music is the sound system's quality. The sound design contributes to the professional playing of the music list and the speakers' ability to express themselves effectively and clearly during the organization. In addition, if the content prepared in video format is available, it creates the opportunity to make a quality presentation.


Pay Attention to the Ornament and Lighting System Details

Decorations and light systems are among the main factors that shape the atmosphere of the environment where the organization is held. Coloring indoor objects such as tables, chairs, walls, doors, and windows with flowers, tulle, and balloons according to the purpose of the event; significantly increases the impact of the organization. Which objects and colors will be used in the decoration phase are determined based on the participants' profiles and the organization's purpose. The light system is just as effective as the decorations in bringing the visuals to the fore. Positioning of quality and correct light sources inappropriate places prevents the guests' eyes from getting tired, having headaches, and getting bored during the organization process.


Elite World Hotels for Cocktail Organizations

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