Istanbul Autumn Wedding Hotels

Istanbul Autumn Wedding Hotels

A Fairytale Wedding on an Autumn Day

While an outdoor summer day wedding may be the more popular choice, a wedding planned on a warm or even cool autumn day can be just as magical or even more magical. Are you dreaming of a wedding in the illuminated wedding hall of a luxury hotel and following the autumn concept? Maybe a more straightforward or dazzlingly colorful and bright organization... So what kind of venue should you choose for your dream? Where should you host your guests, and what should you consider when planning this most special day? We have researched the hotels you can choose for your dream autumn wedding, and we have listed the points you should pay attention to when choosing a wedding venue.


What Should Be Considered When Choosing a Wedding Venue?

Deciding on the wedding venue is one of the most important steps you will take while organizing your wedding. That's why you need to consider a few factors for yourself and your guests when making this decision:

● Before choosing a venue, you must first decide on your budget. In this way, you will limit the places you visit and save time.

● After limiting the venues, you should decide on the wedding concept. For example, are you hosting a dinner party or no dinner? After deciding on this, you can start visiting places that fit your budget.

● Another issue to be considered is the possibilities that the wedding venue can provide for you. Is there a bridal room available? Are there any packages? What are the menu options? Is the number of elements sufficient? You must know about specific topics such as these.

● Another issue is the weather. It's beneficial to know the weather in advance, as you'll have your wedding in the fall. Then, you can choose an indoor or outdoor venue according to your preference.

● You should set the table selection and guest layout. For example, who will sit where; You can consult the staff about the size and shape of the table.

● The place must be easily accessible and easily accessible, especially for your guests coming from long distances. You should also have information about the accommodation facilities of the hotel you will choose for your guests.

These listed items will ensure that your wedding day will pass as you wish and prevent you from encountering a potential problem. No one wants to face difficulties while planning a wedding and spend this day in the best possible way. Therefore, giving due importance to the listed items will significantly facilitate your work and help you plan your dream fall wedding without any hassle.


Get your Dream Wedding with Elite World Hotels

With its 5-star hotels and superior quality, Elite World opens its doors to you with many options for your autumn wedding in Istanbul. Elite World Hotels is at your service in various parts of Istanbul with its friendly and professional staff, magnificent rooms, and activity halls. Moreover, thanks to its convenient transportation facilities and magnificent wedding halls, it is a great choice to realize your dream wedding.

Elite World Istanbul and Elite World Prestige Hotel, located in the heart of Taksim; Elite World Business Hotel, located in Florya, is perfect for couples who want to choose indoor weddings. Elite World Istanbul, Elite World Prestige Hotel, and Elite World Business Hotel offer you many opportunities to plan your autumn wedding the way you want, with their meticulous and highest quality food menus, large and spacious halls, friendly and experienced team. In addition, you can communicate with the organization teams who have experience in their work and leave the planning work to the professional hands with peace of mind.

Couples who want to consider open space options can also consider one of the Elite World Asia hotels in Küçükyalı and Elite World Europe hotels located on Basın Ekspres Street in Küçükçekmece. Offering poolside and ballroom concept options, Elite World Asia and Elite World Europe Hotel transform your special day into an unforgettable experience with unique dishes and presentations prepared by award-winning chefs, breathtaking hall decorations, and many opportunities that you can choose from according to your wishes. So if you want to make your wedding day a fairy-tale experience, you can contact Elite World Hotels.