Istanbul Anatolian Side Wedding Venues

Istanbul Anatolian Side Wedding Venues

What should be considered when choosing a wedding venue?

Here are some things to consider when choosing between wedding venues or any other location:

The number of guests should be determined as a priority. Failure to confirm the number of guests may result in small space selection or unnecessary expense.

After determining the number of guests, the wedding concept should be decided, and a wedding venue suitable for the budget should be sought in line with this concept.

After determining the date of the wedding, you should be informed about the weather of the wedding day. Wrong location selection may result in cold or excessive sweating of guests. Besides, wedding venue ventilation, heating and cooling system should be informed about.

Transportation should be taken into consideration when choosing wedding venues between Anatolian Side wedding venues or different locations. Inverse locations may have consequences such as inability to reach or participate in time.

It is imperative to contact reference places and hotels.

The places or hotels touched should be discussed face to face.

Demonstrations of food and tables should be seen live.

What kind of privileges the place offers must be informed about them.

Detailed information should be obtained in order not to cause any problems with packages and package contents.

The number and adequacy of personnel should be known in order to avoid any deficiencies in the organization.

In places such as Istanbul, where there is plenty of population and traffic, it is essential to find out whether the hotel or location is a parking service.

It should be kept in mind that not all wedding guests will come from within the city, but the accommodation advantages of the hotel should be learned.


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