Istanbul Accommodation Guide! Where to Stay? What to Eat? Where Should I Visit?

Istanbul Accommodation Guide! Where to Stay? What to Eat? Where Should I Visit?

Where to stay?

The first option that comes to mind when you say "Where to stay in Istanbul" is undoubtedly Taksim. Because this historic neighbourhood is close to places to visit and is also in a very central location. If you want to stay away from nightlife and not spend time going to places to stay in Taksim can be an important choice for you. Also, Istanbul hotels, Istanbul 5-star hotels, many hotels in Taksim and Taksim hotels in a privileged place in terms of service quality is also one of the reasons to choose to stay in Taksim. You can also search Istanbul's nightlife, walk to a street full of galleries, restaurants and stores. You can do searches like "Taksim hotel, Taksim 5 star hotel" on the internet and make your Istanbul trip more enjoyable by staying in Taksim.


What to eat?

Istanbul is a paradise for those who like to taste and see. The fact that this big city is home to different cultures for centuries has naturally been reflected in its culinary diversity. Many different options await travellers in Istanbul, ranging from buffets to cafes, street food and restaurants where they can find quick snacks. Even each district has its own tastes. For example, Kanlıca yoghurt, Vefa boza, Bosporus is famous for its fish ... Here you will find the most comprehensive range of food options in Istanbul; Taksim Square. Because Taksim has a rich variety of cuisines ranging from small kiosks offering quick snacks to fast food restaurants, fast food restaurants, traditional kitchens, seafood and historic pastry shops. For this reason, you can enjoy all these different tastes by staying in Taksim during your trip to Istanbul.


Where to visit?

Places to visit in Istanbul are not counted! Because as we have just said; This beautiful city is home to many different cultures, even today, with many historical beauties. In addition to its historical attractions, the sea and its nature are still in good condition despite the negative consequences of urban life. Maiden's Tower, Basilica Cistern, Dolmabahce Palace, Hagia Sophia Museum, Galata Tower, Pierre Loti Hill, Istiklal Street; is one of the must-see places. For example, you should not return from Istanbul without taking a pleasant walk on Istiklal Street. During your walk, many historical buildings on the street will greet you. Street musicians will make your face smile and relieve your tiredness by having a coffee break in a lovely cafe ...

As it is seen, Istanbul is a reason to prefer this region due to its opportunities and privileges. If you want to complete your visit to Istanbul with an enjoyable and comfortable stay, you can make a choice of hotel for yourself by searching Taksim Hotel and Taksim 5-star hotel.

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