Hybrid Meeting Hotels

Hybrid Meeting Hotels

What is Hybrid Meeting?

Hybrid meeting; refers to the organizations where a specific part of the participants participate face-to-face, and the rest participate virtually through an online platform. This concept, which has just become widespread in the business world, attracts excellent attention, especially in tourism. To hold a hybrid meeting, it is necessary to establish the technical infrastructure and keep up with the latest technology.


What are the Advantages of Hybrid Meeting?

Hybrid meetings offer many benefits for both event organizers and participants:


1. It Doesn't Limit You in the Number of Participants

As we know, the number of participants is limited in meetings held in physical environments. For this reason, for such meetings, you need to see the number of participants in advance and find a meeting room accordingly, but this is not the case for hybrid meetings. Therefore, you can invite as many participants to your hybrid meeting and interact with them simultaneously.


2. It Saves Time and Space

hybrid meetings have many advantages in terms of cost, travel time, and preparation process. First of all, you don't have to take the time to find a large-capacity meeting room and pay significant fees for the organization. Likewise, your guests do not have to make a tiring trip for the meeting by incurring many expenses.


3. Increases Productivity and Participation Rate

Thanks to the hybrid meeting concept, it is possible for anyone with an internet connection to participate in the event. Thus, companies with a large number of employees and difficulty finding a suitable meeting room can hold meetings with high participation rates. In addition, the fact that each participant can actively participate in the event also increases the efficiency of the event.


4. Offers Time Flexibility

It can be pretty challenging to decide on a meeting time that suits everyone in physical meetings. Still, in the hybrid meeting concept, it becomes easy to find a meeting time that suits everyone and change this meeting date if necessary. Because no one needs to go to the meeting room, and hybrid meetings can be attended anywhere with an internet connection.


5. Allows You to Record and Share the Event

Hybrid meetings can be broadcast live on web pages with video sharing infrastructures such as Vimeo and Youtube and recorded. It can be watched online after the events or shared with other participants who cannot attend the meeting.


For an Efficient Hybrid Meeting Experience: Elite World Hotels

Elite World Hotels, a hotel chain whose name we often hear with its innovations, is making its different this time with the hybrid meeting option it offers to its guests. With its studio equipped with the latest technology, solid technical infrastructure, and expert director team, it considers all the details so that you can have an efficient hybrid meeting in its hotels located all over Istanbul:

● It provides live broadcasting service at the standards and quality of modern TV channels with its facilities.

● It allows you to broadcast events via Skype, Webex, Vimeo, Zoom, and YouTube.

● Thanks to its robust internet infrastructure at 100 Mbps, it enables high-quality audio and video transmission.

● It enables participants to join the meeting efficiently and quickly from anywhere.

● Thanks to its "Green Box" technology, it allows uninterrupted presentations in an interactive environment.

● It offers a "Lunch Box" service consisting of exceptional flavors sent to the participants before the meeting.

● With the "Coffee Break Box" and "Party Box" services sent to the addresses of the participants, it ensures that all events are more enjoyable and productive.

In addition, Elite World Hotels, which has the Safe Tourism Certificate, offers its guests a comfortable and unique accommodation experience with the assurance of "EW Care", while providing the highest level of hygiene in all its facilities with its Covid-19 Anti-Risk Team.

If you want to take advantage of all these advantages of having a hybrid meeting:

Elite World Asia Hotel in Küçükyalı,

Elite World Europe Hotel in Basın Ekspres,

Elite World Business Hotel in Florya

● You can have a productive hybrid meeting experience by choosing Elite World Prestige Hotel or Elite World Istanbul Hotel in Taksim.