How to Celebrate New Year's Eve at Home?

How to Celebrate New Year's Eve at Home?

This year we will go back a little bit. But don't think of it as pajamas, slippers, television. It doesn't have to be that simple. What can you do to celebrate a little nostalgic but still fun Christmas? How is New Year's Eve celebrated at home? Here are some suggestions that can give you an idea!


Favorite Classic

A sparkling pine tree is a must. You can use colorful balls, silvery cones, and Santa Claus ornaments to decorate your tree. It will be gratifying to decorate a Christmas tree with your children all night, which will add color to your home with its lights. With spray snow, you can write a text like "Welcome 2021" on the window of your house or give your pine tree an image of artificial snow. By placing your New Year's gifts under your Christmas tree, you will have created a complete visual feast.


Host Your Own Party

Celebrating New Year's Eve at home can be more enjoyable than an ordinary party. Try something new this year. This time throw the party for yourself. Be the guest of your home. Prepare a nice meal and put on your best dress. You are both host and guest. Enjoy the fun tonight. That will be the best party you ever attended!



New Year is unthinkable without turkey. You can start with a lovely stuffed turkey. You can make a stuffed turkey with chestnuts, one of the New Year's classics. Another alternative for those who don't like turkey is stuffed chicken. If you have never cooked before, you can get help from famous chefs' recipes.

A few excellent appetizers, a colorful salad, and drinks will be enough. You can revitalize your table with a design in the Christmas concept. For example, you can prefer more red tones on your table. You can wear Santa Claus napkins. You will have an incredibly stylish table with little touches.


You can play games

Bingo; It is a family game where everyone, young and old, has fun. You can also consider playing bingo or Monopoly. There are also games like a taboo. Trying to explain to each other without using prohibited words can be very fun. Let's not forget the silent cinema, which is one of the indispensable games of friendship. This game, which is always very enjoyable, becomes a lot of fun even when played with few people.


Distances Doesn’t Matter!

It is effortless to create a warm family atmosphere with good wishes. Although you may not be in the same environment with your family and friends, you can take advantage of technology and talk video. So you will be together again. Everyone likes to be called on special days like this. You can make a lovely New Year's gift for them, too.


A Joyful Moment With Your Family

Of course, the taste of a chestnut that you bake on the stove and its crust is crispy is very different, but you can reach the same taste in the oven. You can peel tangerines, tell jokes, and chat with your children about their New Year's dreams.

Entertaining programs, TV series, and movies can be watched on the New Year. You may be surprised which channel you will watch with the most beautiful songs, even the most special guests.


2021 Will Bring Abundance

Breaking pomegranates in front of your home door can bring abundance. There is such a belief. For the whole year to bring abundance and abundance, many people practice this ritual every year. It is believed that the more the broken pomegranate is dispersed, the more abundance and abundance it will be. You may also want to try it this Christmas.


Fortune of red

It is believed that wearing red clothes in the new year also brings luck. If you want, you can create a positive atmosphere at home by using your choice of red in both underwear and other clothing products.


Even Good to Dream

Don't forget to check your dream lottery ticket, which is bought every year!

Welcome in advance, 2021!