How Should We Protect Our Children During the Isolation Period?

How Should We Protect Our Children During the Isolation Period?

Make sure they are performing the precautions against coronavirus and get informed about the process.

Of course, many children cannot go out under the prohibitions. But with the abolition of the bans, many children will start going out. At this point, it is very important for them to know and apply the measures. They must wear masks when they go out, wash their hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds, change their clothes after coming home and don't touch their face. In this process, informing children about coronavirus is important. Of course, in terms of mental support, the child also needs to share his feelings and thoughts. Plus, have a conversation with the child.


Make sure he's not exposed to the news

Like us, children can face this situation in a stressful way as there is a big change in their life routines. So limit the exposure of children to the news. Children may misinterpret the news or do not understand what happened.


Make a daily schedule for them and encourage communication

Since changing their routines can cause stress in children, it is important to get help at this point. The family should communicate openly with the child and understand what is expected. Then, a daily program should be created with learning and entertainment activities in line with mutual communication. However, with the help of programs and technological devices, they should be kept in touch with their friends and relatives.


Encourage them to exercise, eat clean and sleep well

The most important defence mechanism in all epidemics is the immune system. A strong immune system is only possible by exercising, eating clean with vitamins and minerals, and sleeping well. Children should be supported for all these habits during the isolation process.


Try to be a model

It may not be very effective to tell children that they will only do it during the isolation process. So instead of saying as much as possible, you should show and apply; will allow them to be inspired by you.


Do activities together

One of the most beautiful ways to pass the isolation process healthily is family activities. At this point, you can watch movies, cook, play interactive games, make puzzles, make educational activities, visit online museums together, and so on. All these activities will protect your child's mental health.


Your health is our top priority!

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