How Should We Maintain Social Distance in the Office?

How Should We Maintain Social Distance in the Office?

Social distance should be given the importance

Social distance should be given due importance in the office environment. So how should social distance be maintained in the office environment? Communication in the office should be provided over the computer or the phone, if possible. One should not go from table to table to mean something. The social distance of 1.5 meters should be maintained as much as possible. Actions requiring physical contacts such as hugging and handshaking should not be performed. Attention should be paid to the social distance in office entrances and exits. If possible, events such as meetings should be suspended for a while. Cafeteria hours should be divided into groups. If it is not divided, the management should be warned. There should be at least 1 meter between tables and chairs in the dining hall. Besides, the use of masks should not be disrupted according to office density.


Attention should be given to the cleanliness of tables and personal belongings.

Attention should be given to the cleanliness of all common areas. In particular, tables are one of the primary places where virus-containing droplets may come into contact. For this reason, people should disinfect their tables regularly. Also, items that are frequently used in office life, such as glasses, pens, keyboards, mice, phones, and notebooks should be cleaned at least twice a day. However, when touching common areas, hands should not be taken to the face and should be washed immediately with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds.


Airflow must be provided

It should not be left stuffy for long periods in the office environment. Fresh air should be taken out regularly. However, by opening windows and doors, circulation inside should be ensured. The virus can spread quite easily in closed areas.


Requirements to be requested from the company;

Office entrance and exit should be made contactless as much as possible. Therefore, company management should be asked to keep the doors open as much as possible. These and similar contact areas must be eliminated. Hand sanitizer should be available at the entrance and exit of the office, visual posters should be used to remind the employees of the office about disinfection; There should also be a special waste bin for virus-related waste such as towels, tissues, and napkins, and the company should have coronavirus rules. What is seen as missing must be shared with the management?


Your health is our top priority!

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